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We Found 9 Classic Memes That Perfectly Describe UCD Majors

Everyone knows that memes are the language of our generation, and they may just be the best thing that has happened to mankind yet. What better way to express the sometimes-hilarious diversity among the 100 majors we have than through some dank ass memes? For your viewing pleasure and distraction from boring-as-hell week 10 finals reviews, the top 9 UCD majors as accurate (mostly) and equally-ridiculous memes.

9.) Biology majors:

We all know bio is hard and if anyone says different, they’re fucking lying. They go through so much, and it’s a miracle that they haven’t all dropped out yet because we know that every bio major at UCD has said this at least once. 

8.) Drama majors:

Aight, so drama majors get made fun of a lot but that is one hell of a time commitment. If you’ve ever seen a drama major, you know this is true:

7.) Managerial economics majors:

Econ majors are a special breed because once they take ECN 1A, they all think they know how to run a business. Ask any major how to fix the economy, and they will get immediately heated and lecture you for two hours.

6.) Psychology majors:

Psych majors love to immediately apply the skills they learn in lecture. And if they aren’t busy analyzing all their own mental issues, they’ll definitely try to analyze the shit out of you.

5.) Political science majors:

Political science majors aren’t as bad as psych majors, but they will still fight that they are a “real” science because they do some sort of research. No one wants to give it to them, though, especially at a science research school like UCD. They truly are the laughing stock of the science field.

4.) Engineering majors:

Yo, engineering majors are a mess. We get it—your work is hard and we aren’t saying that it isn’t. But why do you have to tell us you work harder than us every second of every day. Come on.

3.) Animal science majors:

You know that they’re at the right school because at UCD we got cows. And they love cows. Like, they LOVE cows.

2.) Environmental science majors:

We all know that environmental science is important. The we only have one planet and these people want to save it. So, why does this meme seem to sum them up so well?

1.) Any of the dozens of agricultural science majors:

So, UCD is the best school for Ag in the U.S. so we have hella ag science majors and we got a bitchin’ farm. But these poor students will only ever be seen as farmers.

If your major didn’t make the list, don’t fret; the internet is full of zesty and spicy memes, so the perfect meme for your major is definitely out there somewhere.


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