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New Couple Awkwardly Tries to Avoid Valentine’s Day Without Telling the Other

With another UC Davis Valentine’s Day around the corner, loving couples everywhere prepare for a day full of heightened expectations, while bitter singles claim Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter because it’s “just a holiday made by Hallmark.” But what about those new couples who just started dating at the end of January?

UC Davis Students Jim Mosely and Alice Rowand met this quarter and officially started dating last week. When being interviewed together the couple romantically expressed their deep love for each other as “pretty cool” and “I don’t know, we just met.” But, when being interviewed separately their answers became much more honest.

Jim expressed his concern for the upcoming holiday saying, “I know her well enough that something should be expected, but not well enough to get her something good. So I’m going to do the right thing and just avoid the topic altogether.”

Little did he know, Alice felt the same way.

“New relationships are already awkward enough as it is and this stupid holiday is just putting pressure on me. Yesterday when we went to Target and he asked if I wanted to go to the dollar section, I literally lied and told him I hated things that only cost a dollar, just so we could avoid Valentine’s Day decorations,” Alice shamefully explained.

A concerned mutual friend, Adam Laine, explained how the day has impacted not only their relationship, but their friendships too. “When they realized Valentine’s Day was coming up, they got so awkward. I just want the day to be over so I can finally breath around them again.”

In Jim and Alice’s defense, Adam is reportedly known for saying “Valentine’s Day is comin” in his best Jon Snow impersonation several times a day. When asked about it Alice said “Who the heck is Adam Laine?” and upon further description, “oh that kid who’s been saying that weird Game of Thrones thing to like every couple on campus? Yeah, we don’t know him.”

As the day approaches, bystanders have noticed the couple becoming increasingly uncomfortable with each other. An actual friend of both Jim and Alice claims to have seen them in the COHO eating lunch just the other day. He explained “I just stopped by to say hi and ask if they were planning anything fun for the 14th. Jim started sweating profusely and Alice quickly got up and shouted ‘I have to go, I left my clothes in the oven!’”

After attempting to set up another interview for February 12th, Jim was nowhere to be found. Later, Alice received a text from him saying “I have to go home for a week. Goldfish drowned. Gotta be there for the funeral. Be back Feb. 15th.” Letting out a sigh of relief, Alice whispered “He’s the best.”

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