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New Slang Erupts at Davis as Students Replace ‘Yeet’ With ‘Giedt’

It’s 2018, and slang comes and goes so often that sometimes it’s hard to keep track. At UC Davis, “Giedt” (pronounced by kids these days “GEET”) is the new exclamatory word that is poised to replace “yeet” — and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. 

The Black Sheep wanted to make sure to spread the word about the expanding UCD vocab as soon as it surfaced.

The term was first used by a freshman, chemical engineering major Brendan Schmitt. It was a clear and chilly night when the boy attended a frat party with his pledge bros, to partake in the usual rowdiness that such men find fun.

After he had taken a few Fireball shots, somebody played the song “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus and out of nowhere, like some spirit of UC Davis past was possessing him, Schmitt screamed, “GIIIIEEEEDTT!”

It was all he could do in that moment to express the pure ecstasy that he felt. As he birthed that beautiful new slang, the party stopped, everybody turned to him, and the whole house erupted with what seemed like several hundred “GIIIIIEEEDDDDTTT” being screamed,

According to reports, every attendee began to go “HAM.”

One of Brendan’s pledge bros, Michael Pham, was asked about his feelings towards the new slang.

“It was absolutely beautiful,” he uttered, holding back tears of joy. “I mean, it was my bro who took “Giedt” and made it his own. He really changed the face of UCD slang forever. You feel me? It was lit AF. I’m so proud. No homo, though.”

Quickly, the new slang spread throughout campus and its true meaning remains rather ambiguous. When asked about what “Giedt” meant to them, many students had different answers.

Junior Amber Garcia said, “It’s like when something sick happens, like when there’s no line for the girls bathroom.”

Another student, sophomore Jenny Chu, said, “It’s something you yell when a fire beat drops.”

And senior Andy Ray seems to have summed it up well when he said, “You gotta use it whenever the moment just feels right man. The word is whatever you want it to be.”

UC Davis professor of anthropology Bradley Kerney was asked about the new slang.

“I heard a student say that the other day when I was handing back midterms and I had no idea what it meant,” Kerney said. “But after that one time, I’ve been hearing it everywhere. I’ve even caught myself using it. Like, this morning I thought I forgot my phone at home but found in it my pocket. I was so happy that I found myself doing a shaka with my hand, smiling and saying, ‘Giiieeedt.’ It truly is infectious. And it makes me cool with the kids, right?”

Well, it’s clear that the new UCD slang is here to stay, at least until the next weird trend blows it over. Hopefully this opens the door to many new UCD specific slang to help us expand our ever-growing and hip vocabs.

Or at least dies out before it becomes the next “YOLO.”

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