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You People Will Click On Anything With A Picture Of Katehi

Last week, we wrote about how younger students do not remember the glorious history of Katehi, and that Katehi jokes will soon die out. We’re happy to report that we were incorrect – you people will click on literally anything with a picture of Katehi in the preview.

We were worried that with a younger generation of students that don’t know who Katehi is, there would be a lack of appreciation for the fine art of making fun of our corrupt former chancellor. Luckily, the rest of you make up for it by clicking on anything that seems to be even remotely connected to her.

Now, to an outsider it might seem like this is due to Katehi’s frequent and blatant corruption. But this is something deeper than that. This is a deep bond between Davis students over something interesting that happened in Davis. 

We don’t click on Katehi because it’s funny – we click on it because we have to. We have two things: bicycles and squirrels. Katehi expands our pool of Davis Things™ into, well, still only three things, but that’s more than two. It’s one more thing that we can make memes about, and the only thing that we can make memes about that the UC Berkeley meme page can’t steal.

Until, of course, they get their own corrupt chancellor, in which case I’m sure they will.

So go ahead. You all might mindlessly click on anything with a picture of Katehi in the preview, but you know what? You deserve it. We deserve it.

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