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5 Places to Set Up Your Tent in Preparation For Lack of Housing at UC Davis Next Year

It’s no secret that there are too many students attending UC Davis and not nearly enough affordable housing. To put the cherry on top, UC Davis continues to enroll more students each year, and next year the enrollment cap is gonna be higher than ever. Landlords and apartment complexes don’t live under a rock, and they know they can take advantage of the rising demand for housing. But we know the housing crisis is a big deal and we’ve found a solution for you. Here are the best six places to pitch your permanent tent in preparation for the lack of housing at UC Davis next year. 

5.) In the middle of traffic:
Take a page out of the UC Davis protest book and camp out in the middle of a busy intersection. Maybe the university will finally take you seriously if you’re going to make their staff late for more of their meetings to plan on how to add another million students, but adding a bunch of tents to the mix should help.

4.) On the roofs of the apartment buildings you can’t afford:
Take it upon yourself to live in one of the most expensive and fancy complexes in Davis: West Village. In West Village, you can imagine you’re on the set of the Stepford Wives and help yourself to their luxurious lifestyle. Of course, you’ll have to live on the roof because you can’t actually afford a room there, but then it’s a tent with a view!

3.) The Arboretum:
Live like a hippie and sleep in the beautiful and calming arboretum. Maybe the simple life of waking up next to such a scenic place will persuade you to dropout of school and become a simple farmer. Then you won’t have to worry about finding any housing in Davis! You at least definitely won’t need an alarm clock since the ducks will definitely wake you up.

2.) The Quad:
Is the quad your favorite campus spot? Have you always wondered what it would be like to sleep under the stars on that green patch of grass? You’re in luck! Just set up camp on the quad next year instead of selling your blood and tears for any bit of rent money. Perks: you might get a hammock and the CoHo has a bathroom.

1.) In any trash can:
By admitting more students and not addressing the housing crisis, UC Davis is basically treating its current students like garbage. You might as well embrace it Oscar the Grouch-style and pitch your tent in the trashcan nearest you! Incoming freshman might question your sanity, but they’ll be joining you after their first year in the dorms.

So get out there and start buying some camping gear! You might as well live in the great outdoors since the only apartment you can afford now is probably infested with cockroaches or so run down you might as well be living in a tree house.


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