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6 Places to Take Graduation Photos at UC Davis If You’re a Garbage Human Being

On every corner in Davis, you’ll see somebody with a golden stole posing in front of Ketmoree while their friend snaps pics on an iPhone, proving that even if they made it to the point of getting a diploma, there are some seniors that are totally human trash. If you yourself are a garbage human being, or if you know one, then you’re in luck, because The Black Sheep is here to save the day with the six best places for garbage human beings to take some sick graduation photos at UC Davis. 

6.) In a Haring Hall locker:
If you’ve ever been in Haring Hall, you know that it is absolute garbage (and haunted). By far, it’s one of the most run-down buildings on campus. Especially the nasty ass lockers that are inside it. So, what better place for garbage human beings to capture their culmination then inside a cramped locker that is just as gross as they are? If you’re not feeling the lockers, then just go to the lecture room that used to be a slaughter room, it’s especially gross.

5.) On top of a frat house:
Well, because most garbage people end up here anyway, just embrace it. Might as well be drunk too, so crack open a cold one with the boys.

4). In the Quad, drunk at 3 a.m.: 
Just imagine the look on your family’s face when they see the exquisite shots of you stumbling around in the dark, drunk off your ass, possibly nude, and surrounded by indistinct foliage. You’d be representing all the trash people at Davis and you’d finally get a photoshoot that captures you in what’s probably your most natural state. Most kids like to pose in front of natural scenery anyways, you’re just bringing things down a notch.

3). Underneath an Arboretum bridge:
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a real live troll, then this is your Hallmark moment. It’s dark, dank, gross and super reflective of garbage people personality. Plus, there are at least three, so you have options if you want a very slight change of scenery. Bonus points if you pose with one of the local homeless people, double points if they are screaming profanities at you or give you crack.

2). In the underground tunnels:
Similar to the Arboretum bridges, these tunnels are absolutely disgusting, though they are a little better because maybe you’d get a hint of nature in the photos. So, these tunnels are for the really garbage human beings, not just the kind of garbage ones. We’re talking full blown don’t-even-think-about-putting-them-in-compost human beings.

1). With a UC Davis trash can:
This photo-op is simultaneously the best and most obvious choice for trash people. Not only would you get photos with your fellow trash, but you would be reppin’ UCD at the same time! It’s a win-win for you and the university’s PR.

Now get out there and snap some trashy shots!


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