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Postcards From Your Davis Housemate Studying Abroad

No matter the reason they depart, you better believe that your housemate who’s studying abroad will come back a whole new person. And if that weren’t bad enough, get ready for an in-depth documentation of their transformation. Here are five postcards studying abroad housemates will be sending your way from their international destination. 

5.) The “I Made It Alive!” card:
A cutesy intro of how beautiful the city is, written on the back of a cheesy post card that they saw in the airport and just “had to have.” It will usually have a photo of the most well-known site in whichever country they traveled to, a quirky story about how they got lost somewhere in the city their first day, and possibly a trinket or photo from their first “crazy adventure.” So far so good, but it’s only the beginning.

4.) The “You’ll Never Believe It” card:
Wherein they describe to you in detail the happenings of their day but begin and end every sentence with, “You’ll never believe it.” (e.g. “You’ll never believe it, this morning I woke up and just saw a Spanish street outside of my window. Can you believe it? It’s unbelievable.”) At first, it’s cute to see them so excite,  but by the end of the card you’ll probably want to call them up and yell, “NO, I CAN TOTALLY BELIEVE IT. VERY BELIEVABLE.”

3.) The “Barthelona” card:
While this card is not always about Barcelona, the principle is the same. Casually within a letter home to tell you about their great time, they will no doubt drop a term that is “too often mispronounced in the states” and spell it phonetically so that you too can educate yourself. This is the first sign of a true world traveler, and a super annoying student who thinks they can master a Spanish lisp.

2.) The “I Met the One” card:
Your housemate will undoubtedly meet the “love of their life” in whatever country they take their travels in. And you will for sure hear too much about it. They will most likely meet them in a “totally random and quirky way” and have “a chemistry that’s palpable.” In most cases, this true love is solely based on a hot accent and will end abruptly upon their return to “the states.”

1.) The “You Have to Do It” card:
This will probably be the last card that they send you, but it is by far the best one. They will go on and on about how life-changing their experience was and how they “can’t remember what life was like before going abroad.” This is the conclusion to their total transformation into a traveler, where they tell you how every person needs to feel how they feel and how “absolutely eye opening” the whole experience is.

Don’t think this is the last you’ll hear about it though. Even though the cards have stopped and they have most likely returned home, their time abroad will come up as much as humanly possible in every conversation. Get ready!


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