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Pros and Cons if Davis Professors Created Rate My Student App

UC Davis professors are pondering creating a hot new “Rate My Student” app. It would be designed to revolutionize the relationship between teachers and students in the classroom. Sure, we can rate our professors, but do we want them rating us? Before we give our blessing to this brainchild, let’s think this over with a pros and cons list:


-It would allow professors to rate students based on various criteria, including attendance, preparedness, and critical thinking.

-Professors could tag certain students with descriptions such as “compliments my insightful analysis of the text,” “asks whether things will be on the test,” or “mouth breather.”

-It would be useful for teachers who want to know which students to hate immediately, instead of going through the painstaking process of figuring out over several weeks.

-Professors would no longer have to ask for a fun fact about students on the first day of class.

-It would give students another incentive to come to class other than “learning.”

-It would be compatible with iClicker–getting questions wrong immediately lowers a student’s rating.

-It would have potential to expand to graduate students with feature that tracks how many papers they can grade before they collapse from exhaustion

-You would be able to enable push notifications telling students, personally, they are terrible.


-Some tags would be very Davis-specific. “Good farm knowledge” for example.

-Some students would respond by getting chummy.

-Students that try to download the app to check their score would be given an electric shock delivered by their phones.

-Most professors wouldn’t know who most of their students are, nor would they particularly care.

-As opposed to Rate My Professor’s reach to millions of college students, Rate My Student’s user base would be a few hundred judgy professors.

-It would automatically lower the scores of humanities students for not being in STEM.

-The app would probably use the word “mouth-breather” weirdly often. Not necessarily a con, but odd.

-It would cost a dollar on the app store and have ads? Really?

Overall, although the app is not without its issues, it may very well be a hit. Maybe now professors and students alike can agree to not roast one another on the internet. If you work in academia or tech, keep an eye on this app!

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