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6 Reasons We All Thought Spring at UC Davis Had Arrived (But it Didn’t)

Spring quarter has finally arrived! But sadly, spring weather is not quite here yet. We all thought it had arrived last week with what looked like the start of a sunny syllabus week, but NOPE! With Davis’s ever-changing weather patterns, we were all bamboozled, leaving us to analyze how in the world we could have thought that spring had ever really arrived in the first place.

6.) Our two days of shorts weather:
As winter quarter came to a close, the days started to feel slightly less awful every day. And when spring quarter officially started, we had a great little run there. It has been estimated that Davis experienced a whopping two full days of shorts weather during the first week before the sky decided to cry on us and remind of us all the pain we had to endure in quarters’ past.

5.) The kids playing on the Quad:
One of the most obvious signs that spring has arrived in when you see just, like, a shit ton of students on the quad. Now, it could have just been that it was the first week of the quarter and everyone was out trying to attract students, but the large amount of people out there really had most of us fooled into thinking it was a hopeful sign for good weather.

4.) The mass influx of bikes:
As everyone breaks out their bikes that have been rusting in the winter quarter rain, you might assume that spring has finally come. We all know that winter quarter is the death of biking, so it would be an obvious assumption, nut NO! If the amount of kids biking from their apartments last week tricked you into thinking it was spring, don’t worry you are not alone.

3.) The mosquitos:
OK, so like these are the worst part of spring but like they are still totally a part of spring. So, we just want to know why we are outside literally getting eaten alive by disease carrying monsters, but we can’t get some GOSH DARN SUNLIGHT!

2.) The late sunset:
Another key component to spring is the length of the day. Even though we are still having rain and overcast weather, somehow the sun isn’t going down until like 8:30 p.m. Now, that isn’t a bad thing, but it feels like a cruel joke really. It’s just like this little tease like, “Oh, look how cool spring is gonna be. Ooo, look how much stuff you can get done while the sun is up.” But, like, it’s NOT SPRING YET.

1.) Cum trees in full bloom:
Lastly, and by far the weirdest sign that Davis has used to try and trick us into thinking it was spring would be the infamous cum trees. The ones on campus that smell like a weird mixture of uncooked dough and jizz? Those ones. They are so totally in bloom right now, so if you smelled that and thought it was a good sign, you’d be wrong. It’s just Davis teasing us, yet again.

If you have been fooled by any of these signs, please be aware that they are a trick and that we are not in fact experiencing Spring, but a weird limbo that has left most students feeling super uncomfortable.


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