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Report: UCD Tour Guide Stuck Walking Backwards With No Hope Of Returning To Normal

Last Thursday, senior geology major Dena Daniels was one of many tour guides who was bombarded with the dreaded tour groups. Yet, Daniels walked away from the day of tour groups forever changed. 

“After I finished my last tour of the week, I walked all the way to my class in Geidt without realizing that I was still walking backwards,” said Daniels, who is commonly referred to as Double Dena to her friends. “Everyone was staring at me, I guess wondering what the hell I thought I was doing, but I couldn’t help it.”

Double Dena was rushed to urgent care where he spoke with Dr. Brooke who informed her that she had “a very rare condition that affects about one in every five thousand tour guides” and that it was “hopelessly untreatable.”

Double Dena’s new condition has already begun to affect her life drastically. Her girlfriend, junior animal science major Aspen Grey, expressed that it’s started to change their relationship.

“I mean, I still love the gal, but it’s like we’re always going in two different directions even when we’re walking together,” said Grey, with a mix of pain and concern on her face. “It’s nice that he’s always looking at me, but it puts a lot of pressure on me! You don’t know what it’s like to literally have to be looked at the whole time you hang with someone. I just don’t know if I can handle it.”

Double Dena has been issued a seeing eye dog to ensure that she doesn’t run into things. So, if you see them on campus, just remember that that dog is hard at work and to let them live their life in peace.

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