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SHOCKING: UCD Student Receives Appropriate Amount of Financial Aid

It finally happened. One lucky lady at UCD, freshman Stacy Combs, has been granted what no college student of our generation has been able to obtain: the appropriate amount of financial aid. You may have noticed the parades on campus in celebration of such a wondrous occasion, but if you missed them, don’t worry, there will be more. It’s truly beautiful that we can all stand together in the appreciation of one young lady’s big break on UCD financial aid. 

When her mom was asked about her feelings towards this gift she was quoted with, “I can’t believe we were blessed with such a miracle. Stacy is such a great girl and I’m just so..” she strained through joyous tears. “I’m just so happy that they can see just how deserving she is. I can barely contain myself.”

When she got the letter from the financial aid office this quarter she was surrounded by a group of her peers who joined her in screams of surprise. On the day of January 19th, 2018 at 4:00 pm their happiness could be heard all over campus emanating from Potter Hall of the Tercero dorms.

The joy was truly infectious and as a result of this occasion, a parade was organized in celebration of Stacy. The marching band led a large float around campus as Stacy sat upon a huge stack of paper mache stack money. Many fellow students could be seen crying once they saw her in all of her glory. Many rushed to touch her hands or come in some contact with her in hopes that a bit of her luck might rub off on them as well.

Stacy made a public speech saying, “I feel truly blessed to have received such generosity and I hope that someday you too can experience this feeling as I have. I wish other students may also come to know what it’s like to not have to struggle to figure out how they are going to afford to eat or purchase basic necessities for living. I am truly gifted and hope that one day we all may be gifted in this way.”

The dean was quoted saying, “I’m just so glad that our campus can be the one to give this lady her chance at a better life and an affordable education. We as a community are so grateful that we can set such a great example for public universities everywhere. We just hope that this sets a trend that others will follow.”

So, you heard it here folks. As The Black Sheep has reported, appropriate financial aid is no longer a dream but has become a reality. And who knows, maybe you’ll be next. But, we doubt this will ever happen again.

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