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UC Davis Student Feels ‘Betrayed’ That Woodstock’s Pizza is a Chain

Pizza should be something that brings people together, but one UC Davis student has made a discovery over spring break that is splitting Davis apart. When Jane Johnson went to Santa Cruz for a budget spring break trip, she discovered that beloved local pizza joint Woodstock’s Pizza is actually not local at all, but a chain in college towns throughout California.

In an exclusive interview with The Black Sheep news team, Johnson described her discovery.

“I was driving back from the beach with a group of friends and we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere,” she said. “Then I saw it. I couldn’t believe it. I had to pull over.

“One of my friends suggested that we get lunch there, so I thought that I could investigate further,” Johnson continued,. “I thought it must have been fake, but it was real. Everything was the same, the pizza even tasted the same!”



When asked if there was anything unique that the Davis Woodstock’s had, Johnson shook her head.

“You know the weird paintings and statues of the cartoon dragon? That’s Woody the Woodstock’s Dragon. He’s a corporate mascot…a corporate mascot!

“Even the Davis Classic is a fake. They just have the same pizza that they name after different towns,” Johnson said.

Other students have shared Johnson’s sense of betrayal. Anger and disappointment over the pizza place not being unique to Davis has hit an all-time high, and Johnson is organizing a protest that is the largest Davis has seen since the last time a chancellor did something unethical. The protesters’ opinions on how to solve the Woodstock’s crisis vary, but one thing is for sure: they don’t like this revelation.

“Woodstock’s is a Davis institution,” said one protester. “And people like those nerds down at Cal Poly don’t deserve Davis food.”

In an attempt to unify the movement, Johnson and the other leaders of the protest released a manifesto stating how they hoped to resolve the Woodstock’s problem. The solution was to petition Woodstock’s to close down all of their restaurants except the one in Davis.

“It may seem like a long shot, but we have to try something” Johnson said. “After all, Woodstock’s is Davis food. Every student has memories of it. Woodstock’s being another soulless chain would be like there being more than one Burgers and Brew.”

More protests have been planned after Johnson was informed that there are actually four Burgers and Brew locations.


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