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5 UCD Secret Spots Freshmen Don’t Know About

Freshman year is weird for many reasons, one of which is that everybody is in a new place with new and overwhelming things. Going around the city of Davis and campus itself can feel like being stuck in a maze, but that’s just because Davis is so big and sometimes you feel like you’ll never escape schoolwork. But, UCD is also a bit weird in that it has many secret, unknown places. However, we are the kind of people that love to spoil surprises, so here are the 5 places that are still a secret to most Davis Freshmen:

5.) Bottom floors of any building:Okay, there are so many buildings at UCD that have 0 floors, and it’s understandable if this blows your mind because it blew ours too when we found out. Logically, you would think that most buildings would start their classrooms at 100 like most normal places but there are so many buildings on campus that actually start at 0! One of these mysterious guys is Wellman Hall which has a beautiful-ish courtyard outside the true first floor which so many freshmen do not know about unless they’re one of the unlucky few that had to try to find these freaking hidden places in the first week of classes.

4.) The abandoned veterinarian hospital:
Now this one is just weird. On campus, Haring Hall is located right behind the Science Lecture building and it’s terrifying! Why? When you walk inside you immediately feel like something messed up happened in there. Like maybe messed up animal experiments? We don’t know for sure. There are even rumors of animal ghosts roaming the halls and if that sounds weird to you, you’re right. “What the heck kind of school would turn an old veterinarian hospital into a class hall?” you ask? UCD apparently.

3.) The Harry Potter bathroom:In Veihmeyer Hall there’s possibly the best thing you have ever see in your entire life. Yes, that’s right, it’s a Harry Potter bathroom. Well, not the real one but close enough. Similar to the early sleeping arrangement of our young protagonist from the famous film and book series, Harry Potter, this bathroom is located underneath a staircase. Upon first glance this bathroom might be mistaken for a maintenance closet but when given some further inspection you might notice that it’s not, in fact, a closet, but a bathroom! A two-story bathroom to be more specific. When you walk in you’re immediately faced with a small and stained tile wall. It’s then you notice three little steps leading to your descent into a rundown bathroom complete with a toilet, a sink, and even a shower for some reason. Just watch out for the Chamber of Secrets! Just kidding, we wish.


2.) Anything outside of a two-mile radius of UCD:
This might be the strangest part of Davis. When you’re a freshman everything seems very big, scary and far away. And you’re not wrong to think that. What are you supposed to do with no car? Walk? Bike? Exercise? Who do you think we are, well-rounded, healthy people? I think not. If you know a freshman who’s not too lazy to go farther than downtown Davis, don’t trust them. The farmlands outside of Davis are a vast unknown mystery land, filled with bizarre things like organic dairy farms and rednecks. Beware!

1.) The possibly mythological underground tunnels:

So, there are these tunnels right? And they run underneath different lecture halls in order to connect them for maintenance. The big rumor that’s started is that students can use them to pass from class to class. No one’s sure it’s true but we hope it is because it sure would be convenient. We all wish we could avoid dreadful bike circles, and tunneling underground seems way more efficient, you’ll never be late again. Students could just pop out of tunnels into their lecture hall like a game of whack-a-mole!  But at least now you know that the rumor exists and hopefully you will choose to explore it and share your discoveries.

We at The Black Sheep hope this was helpful to all you youngsters out there and maybe even some of you upperclassmen who don’t get out too much! 


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