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19 Things We Overheard in Davis This Past Week

You’ve probably heard of the social media trend Overheard in New York and Overheard in Los Angeles, but Davis has just as many people saying weird, bizarre, or out-of-context things everyday. That’s right—this humor is all courtesy of you, the average cow-loving Davis-goer. These are only a few of the many random but so undeniably Davis things we overheard between students, teachers, and even the preacher on the quad this past week. Here are a few of them: 

“I spent my day cuddling with a cow, so I know where I stand.”

“Oh yeah, it’s your first time at mojito night? You get to be the sacrifice who throws up by the end of the night.”

“Don’t you know those heaters are creating cosmic garbage?”

“Oh, is that organic? I can’t stand that stuff.”

“Yeah, the pregame is at her house, but we don’t want to show up to the pregame sober.”

“The moon landing must be fake. If I’d been to the moon I would still be talking about it today! What are they covering up with their silence?”

“Beautiful chemtrails today. Want some medical sulfur?”

“What’s six plus seven? Twelve? Thirteen? I don’t know.”

We also overheard some pretty good conversations too: 

“Did you see his snap? He was taking a hit out of a, like, didgeridoo-sized bong.”
“Yeah it was the Ski or Snowboard Club.”

“I just liked reading Freud better than Marx.”

“That cat always creeps me out.”
“What? Oh the statue?”
“Yeah what did you think I meant?”
“I dunno, an actual cat?”

“I applied to Berkeley, but I didn’t get in.”
“Hey, me too—what are the odds?”

“Why are there so many white people here?”
“She’s brown.”
“Yay, diversity!”

And, finally, just some good ol’ random spouts of overheard things: 

“We were supposed to meet at the equestrian center main barn, but I got lost. Turns out there are a lot of buildings with animals in them.”

“What IS a fleek?”

“Paesanos is lowkey NOT for hobos.”

“They expect us to believe in dinosaurs? Well where’s the proof? They’ve never found a real dinosaur.”

Quad Preacher Man: “Though you may appear outwardly beautiful, you are but a sepulchre full of dead men’s bones.”

We might not be as big as LA or as wild as New York, but Davis has just as many weird and bizarre people here. And if anyone is able to find out what a fleek actually is, please let us know. 


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