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Top 6 Costumes Only UC Davis Students Would Wear

It’s almost that time of year again when you can dress up as whatever you want. Why not express your Aggie pride with these super easy, last minute UCD costumes?

6.) Gunrock:

Overall Cost: FREE! (If you don’t get caught)
This costume is super easy to pull off. All you’ll need to do is wear all black, figure out where the mascot is kept, steal him in the dead of night, and wear him on Halloween. Just make sure you return him unharmed.

5.) Unitrans:

Overall Cost: $15.24
Why not dress up as your second to least favorite form of transportation on All Hallow’s Eve? All you will need is a cardboard box, spray paint, and a reasonable amount of artistic talent. Strap the box right on, head out to Frat Row, get drunk, and maybe see if anyone wants to get on your bus line (if you know what we mean). If you want a more authentic feel, show up to the party a couple minutes later than you originally planned.

4.) Sexy Katehi:

Overall Cost: At least $400,000 in compensation
A few years ago, #FireKatehi scandal brought major media attention to our school. The best way we’ve decided to solidify UC Davis’s one newsworthy scandal is to make a sexy costume out of it and let the legend live on. What you’ll need: a short curly brown wig, a blazer, a skirt, tights, heels, and a vehement hunger for money and power with a blatant disregard for UCD students.


3.) Sexy Enderle:

Overall Cost: $50
If you haven’t had Enderle, you’ve probably heard of him. He’s that adorable professor who posts Youtube videos to help students learn all about chemistry. His score on Rate My Professor is outstanding and he even has a chili pepper. So dress up as Sexy Enderle with a burnt orange tie, a lab coat, black dress pants, and nerd glasses. No shirt? No problem!

2.) Bookhead:
Overall Cost: $20
Go ahead and channel your feelings of stress and anxiety from your previous (or future) midterms into your Halloween costume by dressing up as Bookhead. Bookhead resides in front of Shield’s Library either studying harder than all of us combined or taking the best nap anyone has ever taken. If you aren’t bald or willing to shave your head, use a bald cap, paint your face starch white, and keep your head in a book all night. Make sure you whimper every now and then to let everyone know how much suffering school has put you through.

1.) The Memorial Union:

Overall Cost: $60
What better way to represent UC Davis on Halloween by dressing up as the Memorial Union? You simply need to wear a brick shirt and tell everyone how great you will become once you’re done “reinvesting.” If you want to go all out, build a little wire fence around you. Make it a group costume by getting friends to wear hard hats and walk around you the whole night.

So harness your school spirit to create a costume that’s one of a kind. After all, if we don’t dress up as Gunrock, who will?

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