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The Black Sheep Attempts to Interview the UC Davis Eggheads

It was a warm sunny day on the UCD campus and the morning before the first day of spring quarter. As students mentally prepared themselves to switch from a life of late night drunken partying back to endlessly spacing out in a lecture hall, a certain group on campus prepared themselves for the repopulation of their school. The Black Sheep interviewed our beloved eggheads and this is how they felt about the new quarter.

The Black Sheep: What do you all think about spring quarter starting?

Bookhead: These kids shouldn’t have had a break to start with! My face has been pressed into this book since 1989 and you don’t see me stopping!

Eye on Mrak: Heh. Nerd.

Bookhead: At least I’m not kush egg!

Stargazer: Alright gramps, chill out or Kush egg will keep commissioning his stoner followers to keep pulling some “dank skate tricks” off your book.

See No Evil/Hear No Evil: What? Is someone talking? Speak up!

The Black Sheep: Which quarter is your favorite and why?

Yin: Definitely Winter.

Yang: Are you crazy? Summer for sure!

Stargazer (as Ying and Yang continue arguing): If you don’t shut them up, they’ll keep arguing for hours. Please. All I have in my hollow, cold, sculptured life are silence and the stars. Don’t let them take this from me.

The Black Sheep: …uh…What’s the best part about spring quarter?

Eye on Mrak: That spring fever man!

Bookhead: The pressure graduating seniors feel to pass their classes as they approach the end of their four years.

Yin: What’s wrong with you.

Yang: Nah this guy knows what’s up.


See No Evil/Hear No Evil: Hello?

The interview had to end quickly after Yin and Yang continued arguing, Stargazer screamed until See No Evil/Hear No Evil could actually hear them, and Eye on Mrak couldn’t stop giggling. Bookhead sat in silence, presumably disappointed with everyone’s lack of dedication to the craft of studying. So if you’re coming back from spring break and you and your friends can’t acclimate back to that studying life, you’re not alone, even the eggheads have problems.

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