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UC Davis History as Told By Drunk UC Davis Students

UC Davis is the bomb dot com and there are so many weird, cool facts about this farm school’s history that the majority of students don’t know. We live here for four years, but no one bothers learning its history. Hell, half of the student population doesn’t know why we have a blue Mustang as our mascot. So what’s better than learning about our school’s history? Learning it from our drunk, stressed, and tired peers. Here is some UCD drunk history from your fellow classmates:

5.) Gunrock the Mustang–as told by Brixton Layne, second year:
So Gunrock is a blue “mastang.” He’s weirdly strong and it makes me uncomfortable. He was related to a famous warhorse and was taken here for treatment. It was like a long time ago, I don’t even know. It was like World War I right? Is it okay if I say that? Anyway the students were like “Woahhh we don’t have a mascot, let’s make it this bomb-ass horse.” So we did, and it’s Gunrock. Boom. Also, we are better than Cal Poly.

4.) WPA–as told by Maggie Clarke, third year (history major):
The Works Progress Administration which Roosevelt put together had projects in Davis. Part of our library was built ’cause Roosevelt was trynna make jobs to keep lil radicals busy and not meet up for uprisings. Also a couple sidewalks in Davis say WPA because of this. And we have bathrooms in downtown but I don’t know where. It’s cool, okay. It’s cool, and history is and you are… it’s cool.

3.) World War II UCD–as told by Rachel Baker, first year:
It’s World War II, and all these men are being enlisted for the war. There was so many men enlisted for the war that UC Davis had to shut down for the war. The women, which no one ever talks about in history, preach, bless, we are great, love them… represent. So the women were sent to UCLA and UC Berkley or they went to work and stuff. So, our campus since it was closed, was used for war and like the arboretum was used for combat training. Isn’t that hilarious? What’s that all about? In the arboretum with all the otters? And also there was some science stuff going on. Did you know that the person in charge of the atom bomb project was a professor at UC Berkley, so the atomic bomb was a product of the UC system! Berkley sucks! And that’s UC Davis in World War II.

2.) Slatter’s Court–as told by Aiden Lafreniere, second year:
So there was this guy… and he worked in the morgue… in Davis. He was creepy and used to like take body parts home with him. He would like save them and do his own experiments with him and keep them in his freezer and stuff and preserve them. And then. He did this for a lot of years and then the cops were on to him because they were given tips. They went through the trash at the place he lived and they found these body parts. They found actual disembodied heads in his freezer from like 20 years ago. And this guy lived in a trailer park. That’s a bad rep for those people. Sucks. Creepy dude.

1.) A literal Farm School–as told by Sylvia Le, second year:
Here’s the thing. UC Berkeley wanted a farm school and originally they wanted it in Woodland which is why if you go to Woodland, it’s pretty there. Right? Anywho, so this dude, I don’t know his name, was like “Hey, I have all this land in Davis, CA and I will give it to you to build this school?” And Cal was like “Oh fuck, okay we’ll do it” and that’s how UC Davis was born. But like, can you imagine if we were UC Woodland? Ew.

Hopefully, you could decipher what these drunk kiddos were trying to say, because these are actually pretty cool, just like you Davis. Let’s make our own history while we’re here and see if drunk students in thirty years will talk about it!

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