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5 UCD Majors as Drinks From Swirlz at The CoHo

If you haven’t seen someone sipping on a drink from Swirlz at the CoHo and thought to yourself, “Yeah, they totally would drink that, they’re such a [insert personality here],” then you’re lying! This is something that has been on every UC Davis student’s mind since they first got admitted! Many have come close to coming to an accurate list in the past but have doubted themselves. Luckily, The Black Sheep is here to finally solve your most pressing problem by listing off the top five UCD majors that are so totally drinks from Swirlz at the CoHo.

5.) Engineering — espresso shot:

This one is totally an espresso shot. Similar to the ever disgusting and effective drink, the engineering major gives students a rollercoaster of emotion, requiring students to have spurts of heavy activity followed by long periods of self-loathing and pain. Also, like the espresso shot, even though the major is the same, the way that it affects each student is completely unique and awful.  

4.) Animal science — smoothie:

This major has got to be the fruity delicious smoothie. The animal science major, like the smoothie, is extremely refreshing because no matter how much hard work the students have to put into it, they still get to know that they will spend their life working with/for cute ass animals. What could be a better pick me up?

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3.) Political science — specialty latte:

This guy is for sure the specialty latte of the month. See, PolSci isn’t a very original major and it feels like every college student goes through some sort of PoliSci phase. But, as any phase, it fades right by and sooner or later, everyone forgets that it was even a part of their lives at all.

2.) Design — chai latte:

This bad boy is most def a chai latte. It’s a fancy ass twist on something very normal, allowing the students that go into to it to feel like they are special. Also, the major itself is a little spicy, with all the work that art majors have to do. If you ever thought art was an easy major, you are SADLY mistaken. Those poor kids are drowning in assignments just like everyone else, but they definitely feel cooler.

1.) Psychology — mocha: 

Lastly, the most popular major at Davis is absolutely, no doubt, a mocha. Like the most popular ever-plain drink, this major is chosen by almost everyone, making it the most basic thing you could do. Not to shit on psych majors, but come on, be a little more unique.

Now that your biggest concern is all worked out, you will never have to worry about which UCD major is which CoHo drink again, and you can again concentrate on other very important things. You’re welcome.


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