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UCD Professor Files Restraining Order on Student with Too Many Questions

With finals just on the horizon, many students are going absolutely crazy trying to prepare themselves as best they can for upcoming exams and papers. Students overwhelm their professors and TAs with email and attend every office hour they can, but one student at UCD took it too far this year, resulting in a court-appointed restraining order from their POL professor, Anne Gilbert.

When Professor Gilbert was asked about the incident in question she claimed, “It started with the student requesting a Facetime meeting because her schedule didn’t permit her to attend my office hours. I found that strange but was trying to be understanding. Then, the situation quickly escalated when I started receiving calls from the student almost daily, sometimes at one or two in the morning.”

When Gilbert was asked how she dealt with this annoying behavior, she explained, “I let her know that this was not appropriate behavior with many warnings, but when she continued, I was forced to block her number. Shortly after, I was receiving visits from her at my home. I tried to reason with her but nothing was working. I was forced to file a restraining order. It’s just a final, and you can find all of the answers with a Google search, so I don’t understand what her problem is.”

Many of the annoying student’s peers had mixed feelings about her and the way she acted. One of which said, “She had always been annoying, I’m not surprised she turned out to be crazy. She was one of those students that asked an insane amount of ridiculous question in lecture or in section and always seeming to feel her time was more important than anyone else’s. Like, you don’t need to ask a question after every sentence the professor says.”

When the annoying student in question, Sally Stein, a third-year international relations major at UCD, was asked about the incident, she saw the situation a little differently.

“I just don’t understand why she needed to bring it to such a harsh level, you know?” Stein stated. “Like this is normal, this is what students do. I have like such a busy schedule and I have so much going on in my life right now, and she teaches like two to five lectures a week and doesn’t even have to grade anything. I mean, she has a TA. I don’t understand why she wasn’t more willing to help me. Shouldn’t she be happy I care about my final so much, it’s worth 35% of my grade.”

Sally Stein is currently receiving consultations from the school psychologist, and Professor Gilbert has still not decided if she will continue to lecture here at UC Davis. Some students were surprised to see this escalate to such a drastic level, but it shows just how serious the consequences can be for kids who ask too many questions about the final. 

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