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5 UCD-Scented Candles to Gift Your Loved Ones

Gift giving is never easy, especially when you’re in search of something personal and unique. Students rarely have time to sleep, study, and maintain a social life, let alone satisfy the gift giving needs of their mothers. If you’re in need of a perfect gift, look no further; we’ve got a list of the five best UCD-scented candles.

5.) Cow manure:
Ah yes, the one smell that no one will ever shut up about ever. The smell of cow manure will forever haunt this university, but let’s be honest with ourselves: as much as we hate it, we really love to hate it. Davis just wouldn’t be Davis without our cow friends, so we must endure the smell so pungently associated with them. With this gift, your loved ones can suffer too.

4.) Late night cookies:
Perhaps the only real good part about freshman year, besides gaining the first bit of real freedom in your life, are those easily accessed late night cookies. As soon as you opened those late night DC doors, that beautiful smell slapped you in the face, and you knew you’d gladly embrace the freshman fifteen just to stuff your face with those cookies. Buy this candle and force your loved ones to endure the same temptation.

3.) Callery pear tree:
These trees are EVERYWHERE in Davis. In the spring their little white blossoms fly in every direction and stick to your and everything you own. Besides causing you to sneeze your brains out, these trees are horribly smelly. You might have heard them referred to as “cum trees,” or “jizz blossoms” because of their stench. Get your special someone a Callery pear tree so they can set the mood just right for date night.



2.) Chem building aroma:
Probably because this building was constructed in the ice age, its always got this weird stench. As soon as you enter, your eyes water from the smell and you can’t help but wonder what you’ve done to deserve such a punishment. Sitting through lectures are hard enough without the stench of a 40-year-old sweaty scientist man who likes to wear flip flops and mildewy cargo shorts to work every day (because, unfortunately, that’s exactly what it smells like). If your grades are slipping, send this candle to your parents and ask them to try and focus in a class that can’t avoid that smell.

1.) Unitrans:
Another signature Davis smell is found on every singly Unitrans bus, even the new ones. This smell is musty and stuffy, with the slightest hint of BO. The scent only intensifies when the bus is absolutely packed, and your positive the guy in front of you hasn’t showered in days and doesn’t know what deodorant is. Light this candle for your friends when they need motivation to bike to class instead of riding the bus; after succumbing to the temptation of the late night cookie candle scent, they’ll probably need the exercise anyways.

With these candles, you’ll never have to scramble to find the perfect gift for your family, friends, or partners. Who wouldn’t want to fill their home with the scent of cow manure?





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