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Ranking The Weird, Cool And Confusing Art Sculptures In Davis

Davis is known for being a cute little cowtown, but anyone who actually goes there knows that it’s filled with High Art. Which of course means that the art in Davis is best viewed when high. But how do you, an art connoisseur going to Taco Bell at 3 a.m., know which art should grace your eyeballs? Simple, by listening to some random person on the internet. Here are the most famous pieces of weird, cool and confusing public art sculptures in Davis, ranked.

This Spiky Thing:

– Too abstract for you to comprehend
– Seems like a computer glitch
– At least it’s cool-looking
Rating: 7/10

This Messed Up Slinky: 

– Why’s it like that?
– What is this supposed to represent?
– If you look at it from a different angle, it still looks stupid
Rating: 4/10


– It sure is rocks
– Did you remember that this thing existed?
– I didn’t
– I see it everyday, too
Rating: 5/10 (exactly average)

These Eggs:

– Mascots
– Only recognizable because they’re everywhere
– Little bit overrated
– Mood™
Rating: 8/10

Get Off My Lawn Kids: 

– Weirdly normal for Davis
– Just some normal kids running in a circle
– Contains residue of years of Mojito Night vomit
Rating: 6/10

Harvey Birdman: 

– Blue (da ba dee da ba daa)
– Has two pool noodles because he loves to swim
– All the powers of a bird and a man
Rating: 9/10

This Weird Dog: 

– Half-dog, half-record pyramid
– Worst of both worlds
– Really just terrible
– Hides head in the trees in shame
Rating: 2/10


– Square cat boy
– Being next to the weird dog just highlights how much better he is
– Eyes stare into your soul
– Absolute unit
Rating: 11/10

Now you know the definitive ranking of the public art in Davis. Aimlessly wandering high through downtown has never been more cultured.

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