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Top 5 Easiest Classes at UCR

When not taking a lower or upper division class for your major, you’re fulfilling UCR’s breadth requirement — classes that are supposed to “expose” you to your fellow Highlanders of various majors; it’d just be too easy for them to simply ask you to do your major requirements with no extra expectations. Well, this list will help in shedding some light to some of the easiest classes offered at UCR.

5.) CS008 – How to Computer:

This introductory computer science course puts you in the place of your parents when you’re trying to teach them how to open an email or word document. If you know how to use a program called Office, then congratulations, you’re already ahead in the game. All you really need to work on is completing online interactive simulations that teach you how to use various Office programs that you may or may not already be an expert at. It also helps that the professor is a friendly guy that makes you laugh and even tends to end his lectures early. Oh, and FYI, attendance may or may not be important. Hint hint.

4.) BIOL030 – How to Sex:

Aside from being an extremely easy course to take, this class also happens to be one of the more popular courses offered at UCR, which means that unless you’re a fourth year with primary registration, you’re likely not to get in the class. If you are lucky enough to claim a seat in the course, then give yourself a nice pat on the back and get ready to learn the joys of the male and female reproductive system, it’s not called the dirty thirty course for nothing, after all.

3.) DNCE005 – How to Dance:

Kill two birds with one stone: tally off a breadth requirement and get some fat burning with this introductory dance course. Even if you don’t go out dancing every weekend, you can still pass the class with an easy A for effort, just make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself and fall.

2.) PSYC001 or PSYC002 – How Do You Feel?:

These classes will leave you thinking you can play the psychiatrist role in your group of friends, or you’ll go around for the rest of the year coming to the realization that everyone around you has serious psychological problems. The things you learn are actually mind-boggling information and it will surely have you thinking more about yourself on some serious levels.

1.) CRWT056 – How to Write:

The saying, “Every person has a story to tell” is the perfect description of this class as you soon realize that although you may have some deep inner monologues that need to be shared, you can’t write shit and yet still find the class to be beneficial and entertaining. You’re not graded on how well you write, though do put considerable effort in your writing. It also helps that the professors that teach these courses are all extremely nice and are likely the most realistic people you will ever encounter.


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