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Top 5 Mistakes You Make at UCR Concerts

Now that Spring Splash – the last concert of the school year – is over, we at The Black Sheep have learned about common mistakes UCR students make going to and at concerts, and we’re here to help you fix them!

5.) Not bringing any sort of money:

Students always think that they can manage a few hours without food, and they don’t want to risk losing their card, especially when girl’s outfits don’t always have a lot of room for storage. This is the time to invest in fanny packs. They’re not just for lame tourist dads anymore! They’re to hold everything you could need, most importantly, money for a Quesaburger (these have been present at UCR concerts) for when those drunchies hit.

4.) Hiding alcohol in bushes the day before/on the way:

Students often go to the Hub lawn area the day before and try to find where they can stash their bottles. Then, the day of the concert, they pregame. They then forget where they hid their bottles, because they put it in a bush and every bush looks alike. Also, students searching bushes for bottles will take whatever they find. And if you hide it on the way to the concert, like in a bush outside of AI, chances are you’re not going to remember or be in any shape after the concert to go back for it.

3.) Hiding alcohol in a unique place:

Some students thought they could hide bottles by the stage, because 1: who would think to look there? And 2: they would remember where they left it. Well, at Spring Splash, Jauz got to the bottles before the students who hid them did. Many students say this helped his performance though, so it’s all good.

2.) Doing “things” in open space:

The porta-potties do not conceal you. You are not hidden if you go behind them. And best case scenario is the security guard will settle if you bribe him with some of your “things”–worst case scenario is you go to jail. However, usually these “things” are confiscated and then you’re out $40 because these “things” aren’t cheap.

1.) Having too much fun at the pregame:

A common mistake committed by every UCR student at some point. And we at The Black Sheep definitely do not like to discourage anyone from having too much fun, however, the security guards at UCR concerts are lame, and you will be taken into a medical tent and either held there the whole night or be forced to go home. And then you have to be drunk in a tent with nurses trying to inject an IV in you while throwing up, or by yourself at home. Either way, your friends are having fun watching the artists without you.

As our wise mentor and leader Hannah Montana once said, “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.” You live and learn, and next concert make a bunch of new mistakes.

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