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5 Tattoos Only Highlanders Would Get

This generation gets criticized often for many different things: living with our parents, being addicted to our phones, eating weird foods. There’s no need to list everything because it would take too long and everyone’s heard it from baby boomers (“Did you buy those jeans with rips in them?”). One thing millennials get a lot of shit for (which really shouldn’t be restricted to this generation) is the amount of tattoos we get, and also, the lack of thought that goes into them. We at The Black Sheep, while we do not side with baby boomers, have seen tattoos at UCR that prove this stereotype. Here are some of the ones we’ve seen most often:

5.) The Bell Tower:

This common Highlander tattoo comes in all shapes, sizes, forms, colors, and placements. Recently, a third-year female student was spotted with one that took up the entirety of her spine. “So that I’ll always have something to fall back on,” she said. She has fallen against the Bell Tower a few too many times while drunk at concerts.

4.) Kappa Sigma:

The K∑ tattoo has been spotted on many various body parts, including upper arms that aren’t as muscled as the guys who own them think they are; ankles, ribs, chests, and other non-PG areas. Now, this isn’t to single out one fraternity. Many frat guys get their letters tattooed on them to remember their bros for life, especially when they’re in their mid-60’s, balding with a beer gut, and alone, waiting for the invitation to a party from their alma-mater.

3.) Scotty the Bear:

We have to admit, the alliance with Scotty is more common among female students. The less hard-core ones get a Scotty head, small and on their hip. However, the true Highlander and Scotty-lovers get his whole body, usually on their stomach, ribs, or back (along with their Bell Tower tattoo).

2.) UCLA:

You know those people that get a sports team tattooed on them before the championship, only for that team to lose? Turns out this is pretty common for high school seniors with big dreams of attending a high ranking UC, like UCLA, only to be rejected and forced to attend UCR. It’s pretty difficult to turn an LA into an R, but try going down to Elizabeth St. Tattoo and seeing what they can do for you. Or, if you’re on a budget, Dreams in Ink in MoVal. They see these kind of things all the time.

1.) Flames:

The flames, and the most common type of tattoo Highlanders get, actually are deeper than you might think, because they represent multiple things. They represent both the literal heat that is present in Riverside at all times, and also the amount of lit and fire events and times we have here with fellow Highlanders. And who wouldn’t want that in permanent ink?

Remember, take care of your tattoos, Highlanders. You wouldn’t want to have a stupid tattoo and have it look ugly on top of that.

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