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5 Terrible Grad Photo Locations at UCR

With graduation right around the corner, UCR has been plentiful of photogenic graduates getting their photoshoots done around campus to commemorate their life on campus. But with only a few places to truly capture the image of UCR, it has become challenging to be creative in finding photoshoot locations and still be able to maintain the identity of UC Riverside. And with gorgeous spots to take these photos, there are also terrible places where you should never consider taking pictures at. Here they are…

5.) UCR Gym Pool:

You may be thinking to try and take an attractive photo of you pulling yourself out of the pool in a glamorous pose with your hair looking completely and your body looking like you just finished a record-setting fifty laps in the pool. Heed this warning, you may be picturing yourself looking amazing but you’ll only end up looking like the past four years took most of your hair along with your freedom, as well as show that you have the upper body strength of an infant that can’t even lift their own body out of the pool.

4.) Orange Grove Experiments:

Every Highlander knows oranges are just as iconic to UCR as our beloved bear Scotty. Who cares if we don’t dare to eat them for fear of becoming some sort of experiment to CNAS, right? But, posing by these will only shows strangers that you think a random grove of oranges growing on campus is worth capturing and may tell your fellow Highlander about the time you tried to eat one of the oranges and are still waiting to see how long you have left to live.

3.) B&N Bookstore that Took All Your Money:

Why would you want to remember the building that took all your hard-earned cash? Several years from now  all you’ll remember about this time is that you had to spend the money you’d saved for Coachella on a twenty-page textbook you never opened and cry. Also, how would you even find the strength to smile standing so near the place that kept you on a strict diet of Ramen and water?

2.) Financial Aid Office That “Helps”:

This should be one of the last places you want to commemorate through a graduation photo. If anything, you’ll want to do whatever it takes to forget the constant waiting in line for forty minutes to get a general one-line answer or the typical “You can do that through R’Web, you didn’t have to stand in line!” Let’s take a poll! What do we hate more, the HOSS or the DMV?

1.) Lot 30 Spot Where You Got Fined:

What’s worse than waking up late, spending 30 minutes looking for parking only to realize you left your parking permit at home? A TAPS fine. If you’re like most broke college student you probably thought that you’d luck out and not get fined leaving your car parked for the next three hours. You come back to find that you’ve been warned or ticketed. Giving up that money for parking at the school you literally give thousands of dollars to might as well have been like pulling teeth and is definitely not something you would want to commemorate in your time of graduation.

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