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6 Things UCR Students Would Never Be Able to Give Up For Lent

One of the main religious events your parents or aunt makes you attend is Ash Wednesday with no circumstances. It didn’t matter if you had class, work, or exams to study for. You start to notice that the church is entirely full because these aren’t people who go on a regular basis; once you receive the ashes many students begin to contemplate on things to give up. Here are some that will never go away at UCR:

6.) Sleeping in Class:
No matter how hard someone tries to hide their sleepless face in class, most of the time it never works. This students was probably up all night “studying,” but most likely watching a complete marathon of Orange Is The New Black until finally tackling their homework at 11 p.m. where they just discovered a party is happening, and they go to that. When in the morning their fucked up, and run to class in their pajamas praying to leech of someone for the class reading. This student most of time is typically wearing a hoodie so they could hide the embarrassment that happened last night.

5.) Our Strict Ramen Noodle Diet:
It wouldn’t be the college experience if students didn’t snack on Maruchan or Cup of Noodles at twelve in the morning or just in general. When students are broke as fuck they practice the ramen noodle diet for a week or for months because they realize it’s quick and easy to make. You see their room with stacks of noodles in their bottom drawer. When they finally go home they appreciate the home cooked meals by saying an extra prayer at the dinner table. College students are constantly busy, and trying to save money ain’t nobody got time to cook.

4.) Snapchat Filters (Especially Dog Filter):
The puppy face filter is notorious for setting the basic selfie. There are those students who have never heard of Snapchat, and once they have converted, the app has taken them forever. Students like these take picture after picture with this puppy filter or any other filter. It is a number one rule to post in your story with the puppy filter to portray how awesome you are when in reality this student is in their bed watching everyone else’s stories trying to come up with an awesome post to appear as more social. These students by the way Snapchat everything with a selfie.

3.) Using Emojis To Avoid Talking About Your True Feelings:
Shit is about to get real when there is an exchange of the eggplant emoji and the winkie face proceeding that. Many students have found a new way of communicating without actually saying any words (this is heaven to introverts) to each other. There no need of even introducing yourself because the emoji you send does that for you; the list of emojis continues to grow, and students use them constantly in order to avoid awkward situations or to hide what they are feeling inside, and what might be bothering them. 

2.) Lying To Parents On The Holidays:
Every college student knows this one rule: Never tell the truth about what actually goes on in college, you give your relatives what they want to hear. This is true to the bone that when students are asked from their relatives how college is doing, and  a part of them wants a die a little inside because they are trying to figure out a good answer. Students know family members don’t want hear about how they’ve jugged a two liter beer bottle or past out nearly 2 times already. Or how they stay up to till 3 a.m. just talking with friends so they just studying because they know their parents will call them at 3 a.m. to see if they’re up in order to tell them to sleep.

1.) Salty Ass People Tweeting Away:
When drama goes around, you best know that students will tweet about it. These are the type of students that act petty especially when it comes to someone they hate talks shit about them on twitter. This student most likely retweets/likes that person’s tweet, and writes something that will hurt that person’s ego because they are equally petty.

Things like this are so little that we never really catch them, but it’s important to be aware of what we say or do. So try giving up one of these. 

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