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The 5 Types of People You See at UCR

Wandering around UCR, it isn’t the obvious knowledge of the diversity on campus that will catch your attention, but the different groups or similar types of people you come across everywhere. Although these people are not your typical high school groupies, they are definitely dedicated to their causes, making every day on campus a familiar sight amongst its student body. These are people you see on a daily basis here at UCR.

5.) The Overly Committed Brothers and Sisters:

With certain requirements to meet every quarter, it’s the responsibilities of the brothers and sisters of the UCR frats and sororities to make sure they are up to par with their membership quotas. When those numbers are not filled, then these dedicated brothers and sisters will simply not stop recruiting until they are met. Committed to their tasks, you will see them set up by the Bell Tower, their couches and large signs making it near impossible to miss; the perfect setup to bring in potential new brothers and sisters.

4.) Bell Tower Skaters:

The Bell Tower is a popular spot for all the skaters. Aside from the four steps around the tower, there’s nothing but flat surface, making it seem like there isn’t much there to stunt around. Despite that, they are there every day practicing their moves and occasionally trying not to side-tackle walking students that get in the way of a perfect casper flip.

3.) Bell Tower Preachers:

There is the occasional individual that’s there to spread word about great causes, but it’s usually some jerk telling everyone they’re going to hell or expressing their anti-LGBT thoughts to all who pass by.  It’s as though the Bell Tower gives a sense of confidence to whoever speaks up because the preachers seem to think that by saying things by the Bell Tower, they will have some sort of power. Sorry but, we’re not listening, and you can leave anytime now!

2.) The Commuter Lounge Enthusiasts:

It’s called the “Commuter Lounge” but it has mostly become a meeting ground for certain groups that always enter as though they are the first to arrive to a party and must now declare their presence to all in the room. There are no rules about the volume of those in the lounge, but when the group of eight students talking loudly and seeming to tag-team in between classes so as not to lose any of their seats, it’s no surprise that the real commuters end up pissed off and leaving. Who knew people could be so passionate about a lounge? And why are half the people there not even commuters?!

1.) Rivera Library “Study-Goers”:

You’d think a library would be the last place people would actually want to hang out, but for some reason UCR students love to chill here. Going to the second floor and looking through the study room windows always becomes a game of guessing if that group of eight you see in there is really having a laugh over their textbook or are they really having a good laugh at that YouTube video? 

Like booze before noon? So do these guys…


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