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6 Weird Facts About UC-Riverside

You may think you know our school, but we’ve had a pretty interesting history here at UCR. These facts range from almost interesting, to depressing, to creepy, to adorable, and back to depressing. You’ve been warned.

6.) UCR didn’t start out as a school:

Before it was UC Ratchetside, UCR was the official UC Citrus Experimentation Station. This means they just served to conduct research about fruit for all the other UC’s.  And then someone was like, “Oranges? Students? What’s the difference, really?”

5.) There’s a small reference to UCR in Neighbors:

Neighbors, staring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, is about frat guys and their feud with the couple who lives next door. No, the frat guys don’t attend UCR. It is much smaller than that. There is an officer in one scene, Officer Watkins, and a street mentioned, Olmsted Drive, that are named after the Watkins and Olmsted buildings. It’s small, but it’s something. Also, one time ASPB tweeted a video of Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, and Seth Rogen said, “Hello UC Riverside,” and everyone got too excited and hoped that Seth Rogen and Zac Efron were going to come to UCR. They didn’t. Click this link to see it:

4.) Ex-Angel Baseball Coach:

 UCR has a baseball coach sent from above…or from Anaheim. The baseball team is coached by a World Series champion, Troy Percival, who played for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. So why did the baseball team still go 26-29 in 2016?

3.) The “Pumped Up Kicks” music video was shot here:

You thought The Barn was famous for its clam chowder, lemonade, and burgers? Think again! It’s actually best known as the site for a music video about shootings. Which weirdly relates to the next fact…

2.) The Batman Colorado movie theater shooter, James Holmes, is a UCR alumni:

In 2010, James Holmes earned a B.S. from UCR. In 2012, with this degree, he went on to open fire in a Colorado movie theater that was showing The Dark Knight Rises. He killed 12 people. Horribly fucked up. On a more positive note…

1.) Our mascot used to be a live Scottish Terrier named Lady Mac Tavis of Walpole:

She was referred to lovingly by students as Buttons. Obviously, the administration changed the mascot to Scotty the Bear because they thought the adorable dog brought students too much happiness. Or maybe Lady Mac Tavis was hanging around the filming of “Pumped Up Kicks.” However, administration claims that students wanted the mascot changed to a bear to be more intimidating. Sounds like a cover up…

Like anyone and anything we have some good and some bad history. So maybe be careful about who you’re hangin’ around with–and if you ever come across anyone who says Foster the People inspire them, or they really identify with the Joker in Batman, you better get some pumped up kicks and get out of there. Also, Seth Rogen knows UCR exists, so whenever you’re drowning in the stress of midterms, or wishing our mascot was still a tiny dog and not someone in a bear costume, remember that.


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