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The 6 People You Encounter During Summer at UCR

With summer vacation right around the corner, you will notice that everyone around you, including yourself, is slowly becoming a completely new person as their summer persona begins to make a grand appearance as they are ready to dump the last of their finals on their professors’ desks and take off for a grand adventure. Here are the six people you’re bound to encounter during summer at UCR:

6.) The Very Proud Highlander:

Not everyone is as excited to leave behind the amazing campus of UCR and you’ll find that there is that one person that will find themselves unable to resist the urge to return to the campus for a nice stroll at least once a week during the entire. They are not there for summer school and will walk around taking in the fresh air of UCR, making sure to stop and take their weekly selfie with their favorite neighborhood Scotty statue.

5.) See You Next Year, UCR:

This student can’t wait to leave campus after their last final and doesn’t waste time in getting back home, ready to spend the next few months spending time with friends, family, and making sure to avoid any questions about their academics and future career. Any mention of UCR will trigger and make them desperate to do something exciting to get the memory of anything dealing with academics go away.

4.) Overly Hyped Highlander Orientation Leader:

This camp counselor-type student is so excited to spend their summer training in preparation for the welcoming of the upcoming freshmen and makes sure to let everyone just what a super rad and energetic person they are. Summer is all about giving to your peers and this person has so much school pride that they can’t help wanting to pump up the future students of UCR. Social media may be constant updates of how much they love being a mentor and reminding people how much they love being a Highlander.

3.) The Traveler:

UCR is not enough for this student and summer is their chance to travel wherever they want before returning to yet another year of UCR. They try to fit a world tour into a few weeks, determined to show everyone on Instagram just how outgoing they are and tell everyone that they better be jealous of how much of a world traveler they are.

2.) The Moneymaker:

Summer vacation only means more hours to work for this person and you’ll find they don’t waste time on bringing home the money, dedicating themselves to work more than when they were in school. They may hate their work with a passion or they may love what they do, but both results in creating a walking corpse that only knows work and hardly allows themselves to spend time with friends and family.

1.) The Non-Believer:

Summer vacation, what’s that? School doesn’t end for this student as they decide that rather than spend the Summer with friends, family, or with themselves, school is where they decide to dedicate their Summer to, catching up or getting ahead on credits and overall becoming the only person mentally and physically ready for school when fall quarter begins.

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