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5 Things You Fool Yourself Into Believing About UCR

It’s almost April Fool’s Day, and while you may be trying to conjure up some trick for your roommate, you’re ignoring the fact that we’re getting fooled every day here at UCR. So this year, stay #woke by remembering these top six things we fool ourselves into believing at UCR.

5.) That UC Riverside is just as good as any UC:
UCR is ranked second to last in the list of UC’s. Not exactly amazing, BUT at least we can take pride in knowing we are better than UC Merced.

4.) That we’re really strong in athletics, especially baseball:
Technically, we are D1 in a few sports. Also technically, you never hear anyone saying, “Did you see that UCR game on TV the other day?”

3.) That UCR is very selective:
Okay, what is defined as selective? Is 66% of students that apply being admitted selective? Then sure, UCR is very selective.

2.) That there’s a lot to do in Riverside:
Riverside is in Southern California, so it must be right by the beach, right? And Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the whole country. Wow, imagine all the celebrities walking around! These are all thoughts people coming from other areas, like Northern California or out of state, have before actually coming to Riverside. And then they get here and realize that everything is about an hour and a half away. 

1.) That Riverside is a safe area:
Compared to…other places, Riverside is safe. But getting crime alert emails from UCPD about twice a day doesn’t really instill that safe feeling. Remember that time everyone was worried about clowns? And then there was an event on Facebook titled “UCR Beware” and the host was “Killer Clowns”? Everyone felt really safe around that time.

Just because it’s not April 1st, doesn’t mean students aren’t telling jokes. But sometimes these jokes help us sleep at night. So it’s okay. We’re all in this year-round April Fool’s joke together.

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