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7 Ways to Completely Piss Off Any UCR Student

We’re a whole mix of students, which is pretty neat because we’re all so different. However, there are those set of pet peeves that annoy the fuck out of us. These are things that piss off UCR students the most.

7.) Grass-Walkers:

Holy shit people, stay on the fucking sidewalks. They are there for a reason. No one cares that you’re running late to class or for an exam. It’s common courtesy to use the sidewalk, follow the goddamn rules or you’re be heavily judged by everyone else. Please don’t be that asshole.

6.) Cross-Walkers:

If the little man on the walking sign appears then that means it’s your turn to walk across. Yet, there is always that one kid who decides to walk ahead early since he/she see no cars, but when one suddenly appears they blast off running to the other side. On our point of view we’re not sure what’s going to happen. We start thinking, Is that kid going to die, Will they be severely injured, or Will they be okay? Stop giving us anxiety attacks, just cross the street like a normal human being.

5.) People Addressing the WELL as the Sex Cave and Laughs:

How old are you for you not to take a subject like this seriously? It’s not funny, and it will never be. Yes we all can be immature half-adults at times, but we still get it together. The jokes surrounding this place are not funny. Don’t be that unoriginal asshole we need to smack. This place is known as the WELL, not a sex cave.

4.) When the food in the Dining Hall Tastes Like Sh*t:

Unfortunately, college cafeteria food is either a hit or miss. There will be some days that dinner is actually edible (or maybe because you’re really really hungry). If it looks good, then fifty percent of the time it will be, but if it looks gross then it will be always without a doubt. However, never trust lunch food, that food is complete shit. We don’t know what chemicals or mind-controlling ingredients the chefs put in there, but it’s not safe, trust us.

3.) Inconsiderate Professors Who Send HW Assignments at Midnight and Expect You to Turn It in the following Morning:

It’s like bruh, people are trying to catch up on some sleep, but apparently our sleep does not matter to you. Sleep is an illusion in your eyes. We don’t have normal lives and duties to follow like you, it’s fine. When you see us trying our hardest to stay up for your 8:00 a.m. don’t be complaining.

2.) Glitches with Campus WiFi and Dysfunctional Campus Printers:

It’s either the printer or WiFi that fucks you up. When an assignment is due in ten minutes and it needs to be printed but won’t print, many of us want to grab the printer, and throw it against the wall. Or if the WiFi is having problems, and we need to send in our essay online, our brains begin to panic because we don’t want to get a whole grade lower for it being turned in a minute or two late.


Please stop referring to our UC as the easy one or as the one people go to if other UC’s reject them. Our school is well respected and sophisticated like all the others. The professors put their time and effort just like us to study hard and learn the material we are given. Plus, our mascot is cool as fuck, everyone wants to take a picture with Scotty the Bear.

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