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UCR Students Still Unsure if HEAT Concert Actually Exists


The existence of HEAT has been questioned before, as it has been cancelled the past two years. Though there has been some photo evidence of HEAT actually happening this year, students are still unconvinced whether or not it’s a real thing.

“The lineup looked pretty shitty this year, so I wasn’t too excited from day one, but I was still going to go just to see if this actually existed or not. Our pregame turned into six hours of day drinking and then…I mean, I just don’t remember literally one part of the day or show, I’m not sure it even happened at all,” said Marco Sampson, freshman at UCR.

We spoke to Marco’s roommate to see if he remembered any details of the concert: “I have a bunch of pictures with me and Marco there, sure…but you don’t know what sort of fake news media stuff you can and can’t trust nowadays. Plus, all those pics are in the cloud, everybody knows you can’t trust the cloud.” 

Other students ended up in similar situations. “We might have went wrong when we decided to pregame the pregame. I just, I don’t know who Marian Hill, Oshi? SZA? Like, what even is that, how do you even say SZA?” 

“I thought it was going to be SIA so once I found out she wasn’t on the lineup I didn’t even bother going,” Dana Wright, junior English major told us. “Maybe I’ll try next year if they bring us the real SIA or something.”

So far there haven’t been any confirmed news reports of the event actually taking place. We sent a correspondent to the show who simply stated: “So, I know I was supposed to go and cover the show, I had every intention of that, but one thing led to another and that quesadilla burger was just calling my name you guys. Please don’t fire me.”

It will remain a mystery whether or not HEAT took place in 2017 or is still a myth at UCR. Anyone with tips or definitive proof of HEAT actually occurring this year are encouraged to slide into our DMs with any tips.  Though we may just have to wait till next year to try again.


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