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Top 4 Ways To Avoid Other Humans At UCR

For an introvert, day-to-day life at a university can be hell — especially when you find yourself in situations that constantly require you to peek your head out of your turtle shell and interact with other human beings. Going out of your way to avoid any form of human interaction is just too much work, so sit back, dim the lights to make it look like no one is home, and follow these simple steps to ensure you avoid as much human contact as possible.

4.) Bell Tower = Danger Zone:

The first thing you want to do is make sure you avoid the Bell Tower at all costs. This is the place where you wish to gain the attention of the student population if you want to advertise, recruit, promote, or just make yourself heard by any passersby. This is the danger zone for an introvert. If you ever make the mistake of passing by, plug those ear holes with headphones, avoid eye contact, and quickly get out of there. If you accidentally make eye contact and it looks like you’re about to be sucked into a conversation, tell them you’re late to class and book it. Oh, and don’t forget, Nooners. EVERY. WEDNESDAY.

3.) The Hub Isolation:

As an introvert, you may love being able to sit alone in the middle of the Hub, knowing that no one will dare approach you or try to sit with you. Or you hate it because you seem like such an approachable person that no stranger can help but want to sit down with you and start a conversation, or even worse, a friendship. If you can easily sit in the Hub and not have to worry about a stranger wanting to sit with you, then you’re already ahead of the game; for the others, there are small steps you can take to make sure no one decides to invade your personal bubble. Make sure the chair next to you is occupied by your backpack to ensure no one sits there, have earphones or headphones on to avoid conversation, and enjoy your personal space. Actually, it simply helps to just look busy.

2.) INTN Lawn Sitting:

Despite it being just an open field of grass, the lawn right in next to INTN is one of the best spots to sit at if you’re looking for a spot to be alone and still want to be somewhere outside. During the Spring, it is one of the more popular spots to sit back and study. There are even enough trees at perfect distances from each other to set up a hammock!

1.) Commuter Lounger:

For you commuters that prefer to keep to yourself when not in class, the Commuter Lounge is a great spot to sit back and watch Netflix or study until your next class. Don’t expect to have your own table, but if you’re fine with having a stranger sit at the same table, then there’s nothing to worry about. If you’d prefer your own space, there are several lounge seats against the wall that give you a bit of distance between you and the others in the room. Be prepared for it to be crowded, despite it being called the Commuter Lounge. You’ll find that majority of those there are likely not commuters and use the lounge as a hang-out for their group of friends.


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