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5 Thing UCR Student Are Sick of Hearing From their Parents

For most parents it is very hard to see their child go, but it’s something they accept and allow them to do. However, there are some parents that never really leech off. Here are some situations that have occurred to first-year students at UCR as told by them:

 5.) Assuming the Worst:

Some parents always like to jump to conclusions when it comes to their student’s college life. These parents are very protective, and they’ve probably placed pepper spray and a small taser in your backpack already. These are the type of parents that try to scare you by sending articles about kidnappings specifically around your area or campus. Even though you try your best to convince them that you’re pretty much safe in the dorms (because you never go anywhere) they are still not convinced.

4.) Public Humiliation:

Accepting your parent’s friend request on Facebook and Instagram is a pretty brave move, but adding them on Snapchat is a true privilege. These parents are always snooping around your social media just so they can blame you for partying or drinking when you bring home a D. In reality, that’s probably not the case. Most of the time when high school students transition into their first-year it’s very different, and much harder. Professors don’t spoon feed information to us, the majority of the time we are studying ourselves which can be hard for some students their first quarter/semester. This is something new, and parents need to be patient and understanding that their child is just trying to get the hang of it.

3.) Text/Messenger/Call Abuse:

No matter how hard you try to argue your point, the parent always seems to be right. These types of situations usually involve them getting critically angry for something that has nothing to do with you, but they need to find someone to blame it on. It happens every time you contact them and they don’t care how much you’re stressed; they will unleash their inner Medusa. Some parents do this in order to avoid telling their child that they actually miss them, but you’re likely unaware of this because you just end up frustrated.

2.) Emotional Pessimism:

Some parents need to understand that college is about their child and not about them. With this in mind, parents should try to support their child emotionally with whatever major choice their child decides to take because in the end it is their future. Having their friends and other relatives back is one thing, but not having their parent’s support tears a family apart. These parents often argue about the school or major you’re in, and try to convince you to change it.

1.) Practically Perfect:

Some parents need to see that their child is only 18 not 30. It is important to allow them to be set free or they will always be panicking on trying to please you. This is their first-year and this where they tackle obstacles by themselves. Your first-year child shouldn’t have to always feel stressed when they see your caller ID. This will create an unhealthy relationship between the two because the child will feel that they can’t confide in their parent(s). This is their first-year allow them to be imperfect, and allow them to learn from their mistakes that is the whole point of growing up.


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