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The Ultimate Style Guide for Bumming It to Class at UC Riverside

“Bumming it”: a verb, to dress more low-maintenance, extremely casual; to not try very hard with your appearance. Anyone that tells you that you cannot bum it to class is an ugly liar. You can bum it from Monday of Week 1 to Friday of Week 11. In fact, there are so many different scenarios in which not only can you bum it—you probably shouldn’t—that we made a style guide for bumming it to class at UC Riverside.  

5.) Hungover:
Who can be bothered to put on jeans when the room is spinning, your head is throbbing, and you’re making constant trips to the bathroom? For the hungover-in-class look, it’s recommended you wear baggy sweats (do you really want your bare knees of the school bathroom when you’re kneeling in front of the toilet?), a t-shirt, sunglasses, and hair in a bun. Don’t even bother to remove your makeup from the night before. Just the fact that you’re going to class is amazing, don’t push yourself.

4.) You MIGHT be going to the gym:
Feel free to wear your gym clothes to class if you think you might attempt to go to SRC after class. Or, if you want an excuse for why you’re showing up sweaty and out of breath to class all the way in Orbach, coming back from the gym might be a better line to use rather than saying you got winded from walking up a flight of stairs. If you do make it to the gym, maybe go after class instead of before, huh? That way, everyone’s not faced with that awkward dilemma of asking, “What is that smell?”  It’s you, and, yes, it’s probably time we owned our sweat and odors. Good luck with that.

3.) Post-shacking: 
This outfit is pretty easy: whatever bottoms you were wearing when you went home with them, and their t-shirt to add to your shacker shirt collection. This is also another situation in which removing your make up is not necessary and may not even possible. Rock the messy sex hair. There’s a strong possibility that this situation overlaps with being hungover, so don’t forget the sunglasses.

2.) All-nighter for a paper:
This one is much farther down and a much less common occurrence than the above scenarios, but it’s still valid. If your reason for bumming it is because you were up all night writing a paper, you wear whatever you wore while you were writing it. Embarrassing Winnie the Pooh pajamas? Wear them. Your old Halloween costume from when you were a witch in elementary school? Wear it. Just a t-shirt? Wear it.

1.) Because you fucking want to:
Don’t listen to us. Wear whatever the fuck you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

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