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Top 8 UCR Intramural Teams Ranked By Team Name

There are so many interesting people you meet when you join UCR intramural sports. It is common for each sport to have their own rank system based on the team’s skills. What about the team names though, has there been any acknowledgement for them? Nope. Based on some of our student body, here are the top 8 UCR intramural teams based on their names. These team names are honest, and maybe just a little biased. Sorry not sorry.

8.) Scared Hitless [Flag Football]:

Football in general is a scary sport in itself. Let alone having to run toward the other side where huge monsters are trying to tear your flag off could leave nightmares. That’s why this team is in the top 8 because anyone would get scared shitless.

7.) Soup-A-Stars [Soccer]:

If students aren’t good with their hands, feet are always something new to try. Passing the ball around each other can get real intimate, but making a goal makes them true superstars.  

6.) Magic Mike’s Dream Team [Basketball]:

Let’s be honest, anything that reminds us of Magic Mike is a good thing. Thank you Magic Mike’s Dream Team.

5.) The Cunning Stunts [Volleyball]:

These jocks are so good at their sport, it makes people envy them. The teammates got this kind of swagger to them, and they can handle balls really well. When the game is at play, those players just spike the shit of you. No need for further explanations.

4.) Looking to Score [Slow Pitch Softball]:

People underestimate this team just because they’re not baseball in general. The pitcher steps forward, and tosses the ball underarm. However, there is no wind up in slow pitch softball. This team might be slow, but they’re smooth. Real smooth, the eyes cannot even see.

3.) The Sly Gang [Flag Football]:

Dangerous and scary, but also pretty fucking cool. This name is pretty accurate too. Some people wish they could be just as sly as these flag players. These flag players are able to snatch any flag, sometimes without even getting caught.

2.) Long Johns [Basketball]:

People wanna know this secret, are their throws just as good as their team name? Most likely folks. This is why they are in the top 8 with the team ranking. I mean, the team name says it all. Those balls gotta be thrown real hard to make the basket.

1.) Last Surprise [Volleyball]:

Those volleyball players are just so intimidating, they’re like fire. Right when their opponents feel like they’re about to win, this team changes gears. They come up with a tactic that’s a last surprise, because people never see it coming. This move is only when it’s their last resort. That is why this team is ranked number one out of the top eight.

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