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The Top 6 Places to Catch Newly Released Pokémon at UCR

With the recently released 2nd Generation of Pokémon, there are now a much bigger variety of Pokémon around UCR aside from the hundreds of Rattatas and Pidgeys, making it the perfect place to capture Pokemon by yourself or with a group. With the help of your fellow Pokémon trainers here at The Black Sheep, it was narrowed down to a list of six spots that are just perfect for finding some of these new Pokémon.

6.) University Village Theater:

The place is Pidgey and Rattata pallooza, so if you need to do some quick leveling up, then this is the best spot to do it, the average Combat Power (CP) is 170 and up, but you are bound to come across a few with 300+ CP.

Pokétip: The walk from the main campus to the University Village is the perfect opportunity to get those steps in if you have any incubated eggs that need 5km or more to hatch!

5.) Psychology Building:

Despite the building being in one of the more isolated looking parts of the campus, the Psychology building is the go-to spot for Digletts, Eevees, and Ekans. Abras pop up now and again, but with an average CP of 500, these guys are tricky to catch. One toss of a pokeball and if they break out, then they immediately make a mad dash for it and disappear from the map–to avoid that fate be willing to toss a Nanab Berry to make them easier to catch and less likely to make a run for it.

4.) Sproul Hall:

Sproul Hall is where you will find most of the Grass and Bug type Pokemon with Caterpie, Hoppip, and Ledyba being the ones likely to making appearances along with the common Rattata and Pidgey. Chikortita will occassionaly make an appearance if you are lucky enough to see one, immediately try to catch it because once it appears on the map it will only remain for less than a minute before disappearing.

3.) Costo Hall:

If you’ve got the time between classes, this is the perfect spot to use the Costo Hall’s Pokéstop and place a lure to bring in any nearby Pokémon to make the hunt a bit easier. Ekans and Snubbulls are usually quick to gather to this spot with the occasional Sunkern.

Pokétip: If Pokémon hunting in a group, using the lure is beneficial to everyone as the Pokémon that gather there appear on the map of anyone that is near the lure in use!

2.) The Hub:

Just as this is the main gathering area for UCR students, this is the place where anything can pop up on your map. You are guaranteed to find an abundant amount of Rattatas and Pidgeys for some quick leveling up, but then some of the more uncommonly seen Pokémon start appearing such as Bulbasaur, Bellsprout, Growlith, and Ponyta.

1.) Bell Tower:

If you are in for some extreme catching, then the Bell Tower is the place you want to be, wandering around the area will help get those steps in for hatching eggs and you’ll also have the chance to spot some Pokémon that you likely won’t see in any other part of campus such as Pikachu, Pinsir, Slugma, Charmander and Weedle. There is also rumors that there’s been a Snorlax spotted near the Bell Tower but the big guy disappears almost as fast as it appears!

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