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The Definitive Week Zero UC-Riverside Drinking Game

Welcome back, HIGHlanders! To get you into the spirit of returning to the wonderful, beautiful town of Riverside, The Black Sheep has made up a game, and, as with most things, it involves alcohol. Presenting: The Definitive Week Zero UC-Riverside Drinking Game. Though drinking in class is not encouraged (or discouraged), this game is best played when you’re out and about on UCR’s campus. Or, keep track of things you see and take the shots right when you get home (allowed, but not encouraged).  

What you’ll need: Some type of alcohol and probably a decent amount of it. Also, a shot glass or something that can measure a shot of alcohol (creativity is encouraged). 

Level of inebriation: Whatever you want to make it. 

Number of players: Drinking is always more enjoyable in the company of others. 

Take a shot when:
– Someone suggests you hike the C for good luck.
– A TA tries to do icebreakers.
– You look like you just ran a marathon because of how much you’re sweating walking to class.
– Someone (including yourself) says, “This is the year I’m going to wake up early to go to the SRC.”
– A freshmen says, “I’m going to make my high school relationship last.”
– That same freshmen is seen making out with someone at their first party.

Take two (2) shots when:
– You bail on plans to hike the C (yes, Scotty is judging you).
– You can’t think of an “interesting fact/interesting thing you did this summer” for icebreakers.
– You hear a freshman’s keys jingling from their new UCR housing lanyard they got at move-in. 
– Someone mentions Block Party.

Finish your drink when: 
– Someone you just met at a party says, “Oh my God, add me on Snap!”
– You think it’s going to be a chill week but then the PowerPoint moves from “syllabus” to “lecture one.”
– Someone says, “I’m probably gonna die at Block Party this year.”
– Every time you see someone who did die at Block Party (even if it’s yourself – you’re already dead and you don’t want to be a quitter). 

If anything, hopefully this game helps build up stamina that was ruined as a result of being away from UCR for a summer. Block party will be the true test.


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