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Top 6 Tips For Greeks Tabling at UCR

Greek Life at UCR may or may not have a strong influence, but every student knows it exists with its never ending Rush. In the movies we only see everyone rush on the first week or so, but UCR’s Greek Life Rushes ALL YEAR. No matter the weather, no matter the day, they’re out here trying to get more and more people to join their frat or sorority. Here are our top 10 tips to help those who’re out there always on the grind.

6.) Be Prepared for the Weather:

Riverside is in the middle of the valley and the desert, so you never know what to expect from the weather. It can be 90 degrees in mid November and then have crazy windstorms hit around mid January. Ensure you’re safe by bringing a canopy since the trees out near the Bell Tower don’t do much to fight against the sun. Bolt it down because the winds will try to make it a kite that could end up knocking out one of your potential recruits.

5.) Draw Attention: 

Don’t be a wallflower sitting on the sideline while everyone is getting all the freshmen. Grab your most outgoing member and do handstands and shit. Everybody loves handstands. Get clipboards and talk about parties and how one can be part of those parties. For sororities, talk about all the times you head to Joe’s and get “pretty drunk” while eating a California Roll. Frats, just mention parties, no freshman guy wants to hear about the community service they’ll have to do.

4.) Have a Comfy Couch:

Let’s be real, y’all are gonna be out here all year long, every quarter, every week. You’re gonna want to have a comfy couch where you can sleep in 80 degree weather. There will inevitably be times no one is around and you’ll be glad you can sneak in a nap on a comfy couch.

3.) Play “Timeless” Music:

FYI, The Chainsmokers aren’t cool anymore. That spiritual electronic shit is overplayed and annoying. Like we get it, y’all want to give off that Coachella aesthetic but UCR is so fucking diverse play some oldies or other shit, just NO MORE CHAINSMOKERS.

2.) Bring Outdoor Games (Or Your Homework):

Table toss and maybe some footballs. This is an easy position after all, treat it like one. Make this into fun down time with your fellow brothers and sisters. Or beer pong at two in the afternoon, y’all are adults, you decide when it’s appropriate to drink or not.

1.) Stay Out the Longest:

Darwinism: it’s all about survival of the fittest. Most tables leave around five or six in the afternoon, that’s because they are weak. 


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