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Top 8 Worst Parts About Spring Splash

UCR’s ASPB attempted to recreate the same hype as previous years, but sadly didn’t reach their expectations. Here are the top 8 worst parts about Spring Splash 2k17.

8.) No One Knew Who Was Playing:

We asked around about the lineup for this year and generally found on in five students knew ONE name, mainly just Tory Lanez. Seems like literally nobody was going for the actual lineup, but rather for the pregames and after parties. Not gonna lie, most of us at The Black Sheep didn’t even make it past the pregame to actual Spring Splash. No regrets.

7.) Giant Bathroom Lines:

We get that this is inevitable with any big show, but c’mon! Learn to not break the seal people.

6.) Vomit Covered Floors:


5.) The Shitty Weather:

Would have been nice if it had been as warm as it was this past week. But we were left with a Spring Splash where even the weather was disappointing.

4.) Port-A-Potties With Security:

We get that security is necessary, but security solely for port-a-potties? We don’t know what’s more embarrassing, that they had a meeting to decide we needed this or that we proved that we actually needed this with the chaos that was surrounding the bathrooms. This is where the UC Raverside and Ratchetside nicknames begin to make sense…

3.) Inflatable Obstacle Courses:

So these were cool and all but you were either too drunk to handle going in them without puking on someone or too sober to allow yourself to go into a ball pit that you’d probably contract an STD from with all of the bodily fluids floating around. A lose/lose situation.

2.) Torey Lanez’s ADD:

While Torey Lanez brought good vibes to the crowd, they couldn’t keep a song longer than fifteen seconds to save a life. Like, your boy was as indecisive as an undeclared firsts year. To further how indecisive this guy was, he decided he was going to crowd surf all over the crowd, but stopped midway through because the crowd was just trying to take selfies instead of move him along.

1.) Everyone On the Left Side Missing Out On Touching Torey Lanez:

Again, some people need to learn how to continue on with a crowd surf instead of snappin’ selfies! C’mon!

In reality, Spring Splash wasn’t all that bad. The music was fine and people had a good enough time. The performers put on a hell of a show (even though half of them just pressed play on their turntables). In the end we’re really just in it for the excuse to drink and for that, we were not let down.


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