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The 5 Weirdest Professors at UCSB from

The classic move of the UCSB student is to log in for their pass time and hope for the best classes and the most helpful professors. Unfortunately, the crapshoot that is UCSB Gold may have an electronic aneurism. Luckily, the internet has provided us with numerous forums to publicly display our angst and rage against our nitwit academic “instructors,” and it must be said that UCSB students have definitely turned to the famous to roast their least favorites or show affection for the quirkiest of the quirk. Let’s take a wee gander at some of these reviews.

5.) Charles Akemann from the Mathematics Department:
Here we have a professor who is so bad, he is the sole reason one embroiled UCSB student made an account on the website. He’s the kind of professor that gives 83 problems on syllabus week. Come on, dude! People don’t want to hear your math jokes. Who knows? If he starts actually teaching, he might lose his highly distinguished standing as the “Worst Professor In North America”.

4.) Ellen McCracken from the Literature Department:
Based on, she is a certified tweaker, which makes sense as crack is literally in this insubordinate instructor’s name. She fires her fiercely opinionated claims at her constantly belittled students. One enraged CLIT (haha) student cited her as unreasonably high expectations as a reason for her inadequacy. Affectionately known as the Crack, this professor will definitely leave a gaping hole in your academic dignity.

3.) Emanuel Vespa from the Economics Department:
This professor will probably prompt you to purchase a Vespa to drive far away from his wordy and convoluted lectures, the only thing people learned from this guy is how to not teach econ. There also seems to be a pretty popular opinion that this professors tests are shitty. One student reports that “the Final is really SUCK”. Duly noted.

2.) Hyung II Pai from the Ethnic Studies Department:
Do you Like K-pop? Do you see this as a problem? Look no further than Professor Pai’s Korean 20 Class, which one student described as a club that the professor created for herself to make people hate this genre. She seems to expect university-level work from her students, which of course won’t be achieved unless she gets the whole “university-level teaching” thing down.

1.) Michael Nava from the Statistics Department:
This is the epitome of the professor who seems chill on day one, who then slowly unravels his incompetency upon your life. The guy makes you pay for an attendance-taking subscription even though he knows damn well we all have iClickers. And he gets shittier. He’ll tell you things are easy even though they are assuredly not easy. Then he’ll laugh at you for taking too long on a test. Certified cock this guy is. Google is a better professor than this guy, yet jokes on us because he’s still getting paid.



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