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The 7 Punniest Grout Puns Found in UCSB Bathrooms

Here at The Black Sheep, one of our investigators has found a series art pieces that exemplify UCSB’s terribly bored, stressed, and disturbingly septic student body. In most men’s restrooms on campus, one can walk up to most any urinal or stall and find punny pop-art in the grout of the walls. These are the best examples we’ve found:

7.) Time to get this poop grout my ass:

We all know this moment. That two day a week lecture always feels 15 minutes too long, and when it comes to your bowels, 15 minutes most likely means 15 more millimeters on your shit. When that lecture’s over, the only thought to think is that your poop just has to go. But then, creativity strikes!

6.) No grout about it:

This is a guy who most likely asked the grout if he actually possessed the physical capability to use his excretory system, to which the grout appropriately responded.

5.) Plan 9 from grouter space:

Just like the movie it’s referencing, this pun is so bad that it’s actually kinda good. Ok, it’s actually really good. Be on the looks for our writing staff to steal this clever new title.

4.) Make America Grout Again:

What a slogan! Looks like the friendly ol’ Campus Republicans are out to cause controversy again. Despite the anonymous authors Trumpian intentions, the joke’s on them. After all, a President Grout will still be better than a president with a brain of literal grout.

3.) The Grout Gatsby:

Our guess is that this probable CLIT major was driven so insane from reading The Great Gatsby that this was the only outlet for their angsty Jazz-Age Disillusion.

2.) Carrillo Food Gives Me Shits:

Yeah, this isn’t a grout pun. But it’s simply too good of a PSA to not include. With 4 types of sprouts AND arugula at the salad bar, this Groutcho is simply speaking the truth about the new Carrillo Colonoscopy anyone receives after eating there.

1.) Congroutulations:

This can really be put into any context. “Congrouts on your shit”, “That girl you hooked up with got pregnant? Congrouts.” The principle is quite simple. It’s just pretty fucking ironic, and that’s why it’s hilarious.

“Congrouts” on your new understanding of UCSB pop-art beauty. Send photos of great grout puns you see on campus to @BlackSheep_UCSB on Twitter!


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