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8 Cheap Ways Gauchos Can Aid in Chancellor Yang’s $3 Billion Environment Plan

In wake of Chancellor Henry T. Yang’s agreement to publicly endorse UC divestment of nearly $3 billion from fossil fuel companies, The Black Sheep has compiled a list of ways for UCSB students to cut back and save valuable dollars while saving the environment, too.

8.) Take pulls, not shots:
The last thing you want to do when you’re out drinking on DP is think about the environment. It’s understandable – you’re just trying to forget yesterday’s midterm. Next time, just drink straight out of the bottle of vodka. You’ll be helping the environment and spending less money on cups. That midterm will be easier to forget, too.

7.) Shower in the lagoon:

Saving water is a big deal, especially with the drought in California. Good thing we have a lagoon right in our backyard here at UCSB! Take your shampoo down to the lagoon and lather up. Your water bill will be practically nonexistent and the environment will thank you.

6.) Fuel up on Yerba Mate:

It’s no secret that UCSB is a leader in sustainability. Most of us can’t get around without our cars, but that’s a big problem for the environment. An environmentally conscious alternative for the next time you’re low on gas is filling up with Yerba Mate instead. If a Yerba Mate can give you enough energy to get through that paper at 3 a.m. it can fuel your car. As a bonus, you can drink it afterwards and save money!

5.) Refrain from writing essays:
How many times have you used a piece of paper just to crumple it up and throw it away the next day? One small way you can start using less paper is to stop printing. This saves you money on expensive ink and the environment. You know that essay you wrote for class makes no sense so save yourself some time and stop writing them. Impress your professors by telling them that you’re abstaining from all essays in order to save the environment.

4.) Stop eating:
Let’s face it, you’re already in debt and that internship pays you in “experience” of staring blankly at your laptop for 5 hours. Going to the Habit five times a week creates a lot of packaging waste. It’s not easy on the wallet either. Instead, just don’t eat. You can’t really afford to eat anyways and there will be less waste added to the landfills. It’s a thin-win! 

3.) Be a homeless beach bum:
Solar energy is the way of the future. Once your lease ends, try packing up your things and living on the beach. No more light bulbs, the only light you’ll be using is straight from mother earth.  Imagine how proud your parents will be of their little conservationist!

2.) Frighten people in the Arbor:
What’s scarier than the fifth mass extinction? Aggressive flyer handing-out techniques. Mercilessly harass passersby with your concerns about sustainability without paying a single dollar!  If anyone ignores you, aggressively chase them screaming that they’re killing the planet.

1.) Don’t pay for housing; sit anywhere you want:
UCSB students have recently discovered a loophole to solve the rising rent prices in Isla Vista. If you say you’re an activist, you can pretty much sit in any campus building wherever you want, whenever you want. Just look at the sit-in that made this possible in Cheadle Hall. Why pay eight hundred bucks every month on a wasteful apartment full of electricity-sucking appliances when you can hole up in an already-air conditioned campus building? It’s completely cost free to occupy a building for 3 days!

If you’re looking more ways to save money and help the planet, consider standing in a hole you dug for yourself and completing photosynthesis. Many say that making the switch from oxygen to carbon dioxide is fairly painless and quite cost-effective. The rising supply of carbon dioxide means this is a real buyer’s market.

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