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6 Beer Die Rules to Honor Our Troops

Beer Die is the game of choice for us Gauchos, but whenever you play, do you feel utterly unpatriotic? Well, here’s the cure to that. 

6.) Sing the National Anthem Before Each Toss:
There is no better way to let our veterans know that you care about them than by singing the complete National Anthem each and every time you toss the dice. Remember to say die up after the song is done, otherwise you have to start over.

5.) Salute:
By saluting you show honor, patriotism, and pizazz. Any person who salutes is immediately perceived as both dependable and smart. Saluting lets our men and women in the military know that they are not forgotten. More saluting = more respect.

4.) Sing the National Anthem After Each Toss:
By belting out a rousing rendition of America’s song again, we contemplate the ultimate sacrifice that many Americans have made for the purpose of letting us get really hammered on weekdays. Also on other days too.

3.) Every Time You Sink Someone They Have to Enlist:
This rule is simple, but effective. It lets people know that you are a guy with a can-do attitude that doesn’t say no to rules that were made up five minutes ago but are going to impact your life for years. Also you get to shoot them wherever you’d like. Second Amendment rules!

2.) When the Die Stays on the Table and Shows a 5, Make Love to the Closest Combat Veteran:
Everyone needs some lovin’ now and then, and if your die doesn’t even get off the table and also lands on a 5, then you’re gonna give it to ‘em. Get ready for a night of passion, romance, and camouflage.

1.) If You Lose 7-0, Run Naked to the Nearest War-Torn Country:
This lets all the men and women who fight for our freedom know exactly how far you are willing to go to for their entertainment. It also shows you commit, even when your orders are insane and it really makes no sense for you to follow them. You’re basically in the U.S. military!


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