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Report Card: Grading The 2018 Extravaganza Lineup

AS has finally released the lineup for Extravaganza 2018, and folks, it is a doozie. On one hand, DJ Dillon Francis and British singer/songwriter Dua Lipa, rumored to be among the 2018 lineup, are officially on the billing to headline the event; on the other, the lineup includes Rascal Flatts, GOTYE, and Avicii, who sources close to The Black Sheep confirmed had originally been booked to perform before his untimely death this past 4/20. So of those listed who are actually appearing, we give you the official report card of Chancellor Yang’s personal picks for this year’s Extravaganza:

Dillon Francis:

The headlining act appears to be none other than Dillon Francis. This famous DJ has collaborated with the likes of Diplo, DJ Snake, and Skrillex, so it seems he could put on a decent show. Unfortunately, no one that we talked to can name a single song by him. We listened to a few, and weren’t insanely impressed, so it could be a long concert.

Coolness of name: Sounds like a bully in a movie.
Sex appeal: Looks like the cousin you always try to avoid at family reunions.
How intoxicated you need to be to enjoy: Very.
Overall rating: D+

Dua Lipa:

The “New Rules” and “IDGAF” artist has received numerous major award nominations for her self-titled debut album Dua Lipa. Whoever “picked up the phone” and got her here deserves major props.

Coolness of name: We thought it was two people at first, but it’s cool I guess.
Sex appeal: Pretty cute, hmu.
How intoxicated you need to be to enjoy: Ish.
Overall Rating: A-

Gotye ft. Kimbra

The first of a few one-hit wonders in this lineup, Gotye released his smash hit “Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)” in 2011. For a while we couldn’t stand to hear it due to it being on every single fucking radio station for year straight, but now it’s coming back around and could be fun to listen to again. But for an hour? Not so sure about that one.

Coolness of name: Isn’t a Gotye a type of facial hair?
Sex appeal: Long hair don’t care.
How intoxicated you need to be to enjoy: Enough to make your friends seem like people that you used to know.
Overall rating: C+


Really guys? You couldn’t cough up a few bucks to reprint the posters WITHOUT Avicii on them? This would have been lit as fuck, but it looks like Avicii won’t be appearing. Maybe next year.

Coolness of name: N/A
Sex appeal: N/A
How intoxicated you need to be to enjoy: N/A
Overall rating: N/A

Rascal Flatts:

Rascal Flatts? What the fuck? Surely they’ve made other music, but we only know them from “Life is a Highway” in Cars. Which really is lit as fuck, but any other song they perform won’t live up to its beautiful standards. Hopefully it’s just an hour of that one song.

Coolness of name: Aren’t the Rascal Flatts a place in Star Wars?
Sex appeal: Dad bod goodness.
How intoxicated you need to be to enjoy: None for “Life is a Highway,” very very very for the rest.
Overall rating: B


DJ Set by PSY:

Psy is a DJ now? What the fuck? We thought he died after “Gangnam Style” fell off. Anyways, whatever he’s performing is probably going to be whack. Get ready kids, this could be a long ass set. The only plus is that he might do that dope-ass dance.

Coolness of name: Kinda thought PSY was a frat.
Sex appeal: The dance makes our panties drop.
How intoxicated you need to be to enjoy: No fucking clue, so probably very.
Overall rating: C-

Overall we think the Extravaganza 2018 lineup is pretty weird, but maybe you won’t. In any case, it’s just another excuse to get wasted. Let us know what you think on Twitter @BlackSheep_UCSB.


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