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The Top 5 Places to Drop on the IV Fortnite Map

Fortnite gamers across all platforms ponder where they should drop on a nightly basis. As the game continues to spread its influence to more and more susceptible victims, the chances of it becoming real only grow stronger. If Fortnite ever finds its way into real life and you find yourself perched in the Battle Bus ready to drop into IV, these are the top 5 locations to drop:

5.) FT (Tilted Towers):
Tilted Towers is known to be a shit show, with mass amounts of people centered around two skyscrapers. What IV location better represents this than FT? Mass amounts of freshmen buzzing in and out of the towers would result in high traffic and plenty of action. Take precautionary measures and move quickly and quietly.

4.) Storke Plaza (Lonely Lodge):
Lonely Lodge is best represented by a vast, flat piece of land marked by a large tower that has a suspiciously phallic resemblance. Storke Plaza is the perfect equivalent to this setting, with a landmark tower that marks an otherwise uninteresting and decidedly non-dick-shaped campus. Take the tower if you can, and if not, prepare to be eliminated by the person who does.

3.) The Lagoon (Loot Lake):
Loot Lake is exactly what you would expect based on the name: it’s a lake. While the lagoon isn’t technically a lake, it’s the closest thing we’ve got. The small peninsula on the ocean side is similar to the islands in the center of Loot Lake. Be careful crossing unless you want to get caught in the water and most likely sniped to death.

2.) DP (Salty Springs):
Salty Springs is a small neighborhood of houses that usually get mass amounts of players to drop in and fight each other for loot. DP already has breaking and entering, theft, and assault on a weekly basis, so really the two aren’t that different. Find your optimal house and get in before anyone else. If you’re too slow, you better run next door or risk facing elimination within the opening seconds of the game.

1.) Rec Cen (Arena Soccer Field and Pool):
Just southwest of Pleasant Park there lies a small drop spot with an indoor soccer field, a drained pool, and a plethora of loot. The Rec Cen is the closest thing we’ve got, but instead of one soccer field, we’ve got 4. What more could a player possibly ask for? A chest at the center of each could make way for some deadly open field battles early in the game. Better drop quickly.

Here at UCSB we prepare you for the real world, providing lessons into what to do if Fortnite ever came to life. In the current society, you can never be too safe. If you ever find yourselves worried about where you’re gonna land when your time comes to drop into IV, we hope that this guide safely leads you to your Victory Royale.

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