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What are UCSB Sororities Laughing at in Their Instas?: An Investigation

If there is one thing sorority girls are good at besides ignoring everyone not in their sorority, it’s taking CuTe pictures for Instagram that are totally impromptu and not retaken 6,000 times. It’s understandably hard not to judge the rampant, uninspired cheesiness, and we’re definitely not ones to not judge. We always wonder what these girls are laughing at, so we decided to take a few guesses and rank them based on how laughy their laughing pictures are. 

5.) A Bridge Bamboozle:


golden getaway✨

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These gals easily wins a spot on our list with this cheerful shot of four matching blondes in matching outfits holding their matching Greek letters. What a great pic snapped in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in ~SaN FrAn~, where obviously someone had just fallen to their deaths in a hilarious bamboozle. Look at that idiot! Quick, take a candid while we’re still laughing! 10 ice cold Insta points for your ice cold insta hearts. 

4.) Delta Downfall:

What are these girls laughing at, as they pose with their white dresses and coordinated handholding? Some dumbshit maintenance guy fell off the roof while trying to fix a few loose shingles! Ha ha! That’s what you get for trying to fix the hottest house on campus, you rough-necked piece of trash! Go back to Carpenteria, LOL! 

3.) Live Laugh Love!:

*Picture no longer available bc the sorority got very very mad and told us to take it down 🙁

~Live Laugh Love~ is the rule of law with this Insta, and by Yang are they abiding:

Live: The man they just crammed into the white ceramic tomb behind them was alive when they did it. 

Love: Before being locked alive into the white tomb, he had just celebrated a 40 year anniversary with his wife. 

Laugh: And the fact that he’s going to die in there is hilarious! Hehe!! 

2.) Laugh the Pain Away:

Well the caption says what they’re laughing at in this one. So, not as fun. Moving on. 

1.) Hark! Is That You, Moon?:

Ha ha ha! This crescent moon hath no power ‘twain the might and grit of two Gamma Phi sisters. For it is merely gas trapped inside a polymer encasement! For we to think it ’twas the real moon was but a gaff! Ha ha! What tommytrot bewitchment must we be under to have thought thine real moon of the Lord Cthulhu’s blood might land upon our terrestrial home. Huzzah! We must post this to the Instagram posthaste!

What fun these sororities have! It is time to RUSH! And if you shan’t brush thine teeth with sheep’s blood and file into the houses of UCSB before it’s too late! Live Laugh Love! 

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