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Unprepared UCSB Students React to Finals Postponement on Twitter

All procrastinators and unprepared students’ prayers in Santa Barbara were answered on Sunday when UCSB postponed finals week until early 2018 due to the global warming AKA the Thomas Fire. Students have been overwhelming lit with happiness, and a new fire has been lit under students’ asses to get the hell out of Santa Barbara. Below, a list of tweets from the most thankful of students who are (temporarily) escaping the dumpster fire that is finals week. 

Ye asked for Him to send a fire and cancel fires, and Ye prayers have been answered in scary and too real proportions. 

Sure, the air quality is bad right now, but just imagine when January 1 rolls around and everyone can legally smoke in California. Going to finals in 2018 will be a hazy, stanky mess. 

All it took was hellfire to bring us back to social media once again! 

Oh boy, if this was true…

Yeah, mom! Don’t try and spew hypotheticals while the fire ravages the state of California. JUST LET ME SLEEP. 

Anyone have a video of this? We’re hoping to get a last-second nomination at the Golden Globes for the “Best Ensemble Performance in a Live-Action Documentary About Cancelling Finals” category.  

Note to all California schools: postpone your finals (or cancel, maybe?), and you’ll be giving them the greatest gift of all this holiday season.  

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