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6 Painfully Accurate Names For Everybody’s Favorite UCLA Buildings

Pretty much all UCLA buildings are named after a rich guy who (somehow) didn’t hate it here and donated over a million dollars. Regardless, most of these names flat out suck. Can anyone correctly spell Kerchoff…Kerckhoff..Kerkoff?? Why does Royce sound like the name of your uncle who unapologetically uses a confederate flag beer koozie at family reunions? If you’ve asked yourself similar questions, then you’ll definitely agree that these six names you’ve grown to know and be traumatized by are much more accurate for UCLA’s buildings.

6.) Bunche — “Sweaty, No-Bathroom Prison Tower”:

Nobody likes Bunche. It deserves to be called out for what it is. By the time you get there, you’re sweaty as hell, finding a viable bathroom is like travelling through Powell blindfolded, and, from the outside, it 100% looks like Guantanamo Bay.

5.) Broad — “Hey Girl, Let’s Climb to the Roof and See What Happens”:

Every freshman girl has fallen for this classic and timeless move.

4.) Powell — “Just-Hold-It”:

Over the years, many wondered: Does the benefit of studying peacefully at Powell outweigh its bathrooms? (No, it doesn’t.)

3.) Public Affairs — “The Sauna Nobody Asked For”:

After a long 30+ minute walk to public affairs, your whole 50-minute discussion will be spent attempting (and failing) to cool down in a room full of sweaty pre-meds.

2.) Fowler — “Home of the Woke GE”:

For some reason, every super woke GE class takes place in the Fowler auditorium. This is fact.

1.) MS — “Surprise, It’s The Motherfucking Fifth Floor”:

The abuse has gone on for too long. Let the people know what they’re getting into. The first floor is in fact not at ground level, but instead is pretty much buried deep enough to be a part of the rumored tunnel system. It’s the fifth floor, you’ll be late to your first day, and surprise nobody cares.

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