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Birth Control Alternatives Found in Kylie’s House That Even a Bruin Could Use

It’s the 21st-century; in other words, the Kardashians are out, and the Jenners are in. You’ve either seen Kylie Jenner’s cooking videos, tried to do one of her recipes, or watched her YouTube channel dedicated to her daughter.  What you might not have noticed were all the household contraceptives she mentioned. Here are the best birth control alternatives found in Kylie’s kitchen (and probably your dorm room) to amp up your baby blocker game.

5.) Banana peel:

If bananas can be used to make pancakes, they’re clearly magic. If they can replace eggs for bananas, then they can keep your eggs safe and sound, too. They sure as hell would make a better birth control alternative than whatever Kylie used.

4.) The bacon bag:

For $2.69, not only can you buy bacon, but also a bacon-flavored weiner wrapper! Wait. Weiners aren’t bacon. If he’s terrible, deep fry the bacon—weiner in or out, it’s up to you. And the best part about bacon? Pre-lubed… 

3.) Cinnamon rolls, anyone?:

In addition to her healthy side, it’s clear that Kylie also has a sweet tooth. This is the perfect alternative for you “thicker” folks out there. Although it may be a little uncomfortable, look at how perfectly it fits in Kylie’s hand! Still not convinced? Just think of it this way: You can add more buns to the party, and the more buns, the merrier!

2.) Foil:

It works perfect for those post-apartment dinner party hookups, especially post-lasagna. You would’ve never guessed it! Although Miss Jenner doesn’t really know how to cover her body, she knows how to cover a lasagna to keep all the flavors in! With that said, why not use it to cover yo man’s lasagna too? 

1.) Tyga:

Kylie and Tyga were together for about three years, and not once did she get pregnant! If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is. Girls, at the end of the day, if you don’t want to end up pregos, get yourself a Tyga—or just some frat boy who thinks he can rap.


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